Translation of beverage in Spanish:


bebida, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɛv(ə)rɪdʒ/


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    bebida feminine
    beverage wine vino de mesa
    • In this country each individual is free to decide whether or not to drink alcoholic beverages.
    • With the facilities open daily, young people will be able to get soft drinks, hot beverages and snacks.
    • Do you like to drink warm beverages in the morning or do you prefer yours cold?
    • Food and beverages such as tea, coffee, cola and red wine can be one of the reasons.
    • I prefer coffee, or tea, or fruit juice - beverages we are beginning to drink less of as our water intake grows.
    • Note that this amount of sodium exceeds that typically available in commercial beverages.
    • You have given us a rule, although it is not particularly clear, on the beverage and water issue.
    • As Katt leaned her head down to drink her beverage a lock of hair fell out of place into her eyes.
    • Warm water was mixed with the alcoholic beverages to enhance their odor and flavor.
    • Do not drink iced, carbonated or caffeinated beverages and avoid alcohol and milk with meals.
    • There were pistachio nuts and alcoholic beverages and freshly baked cakes.
    • Experts suggest that sufferers should avoid spicy food and alcoholic beverages.
    • When our espressos arrived, I was hugely relieved to see two strong beverages served in short coffee cups.
    • Everyone is welcome to attend, but there will be no alcoholic beverages allowed.
    • The rest of my gifts seem to consist entirely of alcoholic beverages.
    • As these items are costly, most people can only afford local beverages such as maize beer and palm wine.
    • Caffeine in sodas, teas and other beverages can stay in our system up to seven hours.
    • Business lunches and home visits are likely to include the offer of alcoholic beverages.
    • You would not believe what an infinite variety of alcoholic beverages are out there.
    • One of the tea ladies revealed that her employer had an unusual taste in beverages as he enjoyed his cup of tea with a spoonful of honey.