Translation of beware in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bəˈwɛr/ /bɪˈwɛː/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to beware of sth/sb
    beware lest you fall into temptation guárdate / cuídate de caer en la tentación
    • beware! ¡(ten) cuidado!
    • She urged people using needles to dispose of them properly and warned other parents to beware of the risks.
    • We must beware of the danger of confusing what is passionately and deeply wanted with what is a right.
    • Anyway I caution you all to beware of using makeup of any kind that has glitter in it.
    • The commission urged consumers to beware of Web sites promising high income for zero risk.
    • But they have to beware of spilling secrets in front of their old comrades.
    • However, beware of making compromises with your own values and priorities or you miss life.
    • Just a word of advice; if you think that such a person is your friend - beware.
    • But viewer beware, a dry sense of humour is needed to enjoy this movie to its fullest.
    • Parents planning to buy motorised scooters for their children this Christmas are being urged to beware.
    • If an email asks you to send any private information or do things to your PC, then beware.
    • Police are warning people to beware of unscrupulous high-pressure salesmen at their doors.
    • Elderly people are being warned to beware of bogus callers following an attempted burglary.
    • A mother is urging parents to beware of thieves selling stolen bikes in the run up to Christmas.
    • Always beware of giving your personal details to anyone online, if you are not sure who they are or represent.
    • Just beware of using too much flour, it can make it a little too dry and crumbly.
    • Look at what has been achieved for your good in this beautiful market town, but beware of false promises.
    • As you start a new venture beware of losing sight of your own goals and priorities.
    • It would be wise to be wary of predictions and to beware of generalisations.
    • Drivers in the city who have not paid their parking fines had better beware.
    • But beware of those who claim that we must destroy the system in order to save it.

transitive verb

  • 1

    guardarse de
    cuidarse de