Translation of bewildered in Spanish:


desconcertado, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈwɪldərd/ /bɪˈwɪldəd/


  • 1

    (confused) desconcertado
    (confused) perplejo
    (overwhelmed) apabullado
    I was utterly bewildered by what she said lo que dijo me dejó absolutamente perplejo
    • Instead of handing me the phone, my stepmom gave me a bewildered look.
    • His brother looked totally bewildered, which was a rarity.
    • Over a million bewildered Americans wondered why their country had abandoned them.
    • The bewildered governor had let them have their way.
    • He told friends that he was absolutely bewildered at the fuss.
    • Foresters are often completely bewildered that local communities resent them.
    • I couldn't begin to explain my enthusiasm (much less the style and content of the films) to the bewildered friend who accompanied me.
    • Carol, a bewildered student, comes to her professor, John, confessing her inability to cope with her course.
    • Fluctuating wildly between bewildered Dr Jekyll and psychopathic Mr Hyde, Dafoe plays the role with unremitting glee, energy and panache.
    • They then informed the slightly bewildered audience that we had just heard their first song.
    • Her pages are packed with the stories of bewildered individuals who, finding themselves in difficulties on a variety of far-flung frontiers, struggle to adjust to their immediate situation.
    • The nurse in charge simply gave me a bewildered look.
    • There were a number of scared and bewildered children crying in their parents' arms.
    • He looks like he always does: a slightly bewildered bloke, swept along by events.
    • The dollar regained its composure, remaining stable against most major currencies, while gold prices slipped after hitting a high on Monday as a haven for bewildered investors.
    • "This was supposed to be my big break," he cried to the bewildered audience.
    • On every page there are unhappy husbands, bewildered boyfriends, disappointed lovers and delusional relatives.
    • When I opened my eyes I saw a bewildered look on his face.
    • He looked totally bewildered and kept on repeating, "What are you saying?"