Translation of beyond in Spanish:


Pronunciation /biˈɑnd/ /bɪˈjɒnd/


  • 1

    (on other side of)
    I live just beyond the station vivo justo pasando la estación
    • once we're beyond the frontier cuando estemos del otro lado de la frontera
    • beyond this point de aquí en adelante
  • 2

    • 2.1(further than)

      try to think beyond the immediate future trata de pensar más allá del futuro inmediato
      • it's one stop beyond Rugby es la parada/estación siguiente a Rugby
      • I didn't read beyond the first chapter no pasé del primer capítulo
      • this has gone beyond a joke esto pasa de ser una broma

    • 2.2(later than)

      I didn't stay beyond the opening speeches solo estuve para los discursos inaugurales
      • it's way beyond the time I should have called her ya hace rato que tenía que haberla llamado

    • 2.3(longer than)

      it won't last much beyond an hour no durará mucho más de una hora

    • 2.4(more than, apart from)

      I can't tell you anything beyond that no te puedo decir nada más que eso
      • she told us little beyond what we already knew no nos dijo gran cosa aparte / fuera de lo que ya sabíamos
      • she wouldn't commit herself beyond vague promises no quiso comprometerse más allá de hacer algunas vagas promesas

  • 3

    • 3.1(past, no longer permitting)

      it's beyond repair ya no tiene arreglo
      • I'm so tired I'm beyond caring estoy tan cansado que ya no me importa

    • 3.2(outside reach, scope of)

      beyond the reach of the law fuera del alcance de la ley
      • circumstances beyond our control circunstancias ajenas a nuestra voluntad
      • it's beyond his authority to give us such orders no tiene autoridad para darnos esas órdenes
      • phenomena like this are beyond human understanding el ser humano no puede comprender fenómenos como este
      • this is, beyond question, the worst crisis this century esta es, sin lugar a duda, la crisis más grave del siglo
      • his integrity is beyond question su integridad está fuera de toda duda
      • it's beyond me what she sees in him no puedo entender qué es lo que ve en él

    • 3.3(surpassing)

      to live beyond one's means vivir por encima de sus (or mis etc.) posibilidades
      • it's beyond belief es increíble
      • beauty beyond compare belleza sin par
      • it has succeeded beyond our wildest expectations ha tenido un éxito que ha superado en mucho nuestras expectativas más optimistas
      • it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that … no es absolutamente imposible que …


  • 1

    (in space)
    más allá
    you can see the mountains beyond se pueden ver las montañas a lo lejos
    • the ships sail to India and beyond los barcos van hasta la India y más allá
    • Behind the cabin was a large empty yard and beyond that trees and steep hillsides topped with pink cliffs and crags.
    • Beyond that is a stand of trees, and beyond that, the village and its tiny bay.
    • I understand the wedding is in June and the honeymoon destination is London and beyond.
    • In several large cities pensioners have free passes which give them unlimited travel within and beyond the city boundary.
    • Delays at Adare are causing problems for people travelling to Limerick and beyond.
    • The main line from Toronto, and beyond these new terminals, is double tracked.
    • There was a low, long building on the far side of the lot and beyond it a high stone wall.
    • This is the former goods yard on the south-west side of the railway beyond Hellifield station.
    • Blue Tree is finding jobs for people from across Yorkshire and beyond.
    • The publication offers travel ideas, advice and inspiration for destinations in Britain, Europe and beyond.
    • West End Beach was a popular holiday destination for thousands throughout the district and beyond.
    • I rolled my eyes at this, looking out my window at the trees surrounding us beyond the dirt road we travelled on.
    • They emerged onto a street that was bounded on one side by a narrow strip of parkland and beyond that the River Ana.
    • A hundred yards or so from the door of my room, just beyond a side gate of the university, was a market overflowing with fresh and seasonal produce.
    • I turned to glance over the roof to the ground beyond the other side of the house.
    • How often I watched the birds in our courtyard leaving the trees and flying beyond the walls of our house with no fear.
    • All they could see beyond the trees was a vast body of dark water that stretched out across the horizon and seemed to go on forever.
    • He stared off into the distant trees beyond the backyard fence, watching them sway with the slight breeze.
    • Not far away, beyond a few trees, a thin line of smoke was climbing up high.
    • The sun was going low beyond the trees but there was still plenty of light.
  • 2

    (in time)
    we're planning for the year 2000 and beyond estamos haciendo planes para el 2000 y más allá del 2000
  • 3

    (more, in addition)
    you can earn £20,000 and beyond puedes llegar a ganar 20.000 libras o más
    • they have rice, but little beyond tienen arroz pero, fuera de eso, muy poca cosa


  • 1

    (realm of the dead)
    the beyond el más allá
    • And over the years, he has literally stepped over life's edge to explore the world of the beyond.
    • The cellar of an old hotel is built on top of the door to the beyond.
    • Barry's death shortly after Kelly's execution appeared an eerie fulfilment of the outlaw's promise to meet him in the beyond.
    • Below her, down grand, stone steps, soldiers were carefully leading their horses out of the hall and into the beyond.
    • The highborn captive was sitting against the far wall, drifting, eyes watching the beyond.
    • The Aeneid provides Dante with the wonder of a bleeding stalk and a voice from the beyond.
    • In their place you will find creepy white suits and the cold emptiness of the beyond.
    • One could almost hear Wallis cheering him on from her place in the beyond.
    • Only when mind awakens to the fact that reality is its own creation can it give up this reaching after the beyond.
    • If it weren't for guilt, all of us would be facing far worse punishments when we reach the beyond.
  • 2

    (unexplored territory)
    the great beyond lo desconocido