Translation of biased in Spanish:


tendencioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪəst/ /ˈbʌɪəst/


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    (report/account/criticism) tendencioso
    (report/account/criticism) parcial
    (report/account/criticism) partidista
    (judge) parcial
    to be biased against sth/sb estar predispuesto en contra de algo/algn
    tener prejuicio en contra de algo/algn
    to be biased toward(s) sth/sb estar predipuesto a favor de algo/algn
    I think my daughter's wonderful, but then I'm biased mi hija me parece maravillosa pero, claro, será pasión de madre humorous
    • However, Frontier legislator Emily Lau feared opinions from the forum could be biased.
    • The decision to transfer such patients to neurosurgical care seems to be biased against older patients.
    • Most studies of professions based on the process model have been biased towards Anglo-American experiences.
    • Shorter, honest recommendations are better than longer biased reports.
    • Many of these genes are also strongly female biased.
    • Well, I think that there was a lot of biased coverage.
    • The publisher blamed the losses on a lack of advertising, particularly among those Marshalltown merchants who were biased against Latinos.
    • Still, this approach could have unwittingly biased results.
    • I only object to the fact that your articles seem extremely biased.
    • The genetic programming example above yields large equations that become impractical or too biased to the past.
    • The charge that its review process is biased against right-wing nominees is manifestly false.
    • These are culturally biased statements of opinion, not scientifically supportable propositions.
    • Sequential block designs can lead to biased allocation.
    • Police Officers were unanimously viewed as acting in a biased way towards male victims.
    • Very young children are not yet as visually biased as adults.
    • Its account of events was piecemeal and its analysis was biased.
    • In Canada, although not alone, the CBC provides the most slanted and biased information, and routinely practices dishonest reporting.
    • If you don't know already, I'm biased towards Rieslings.
    • A clearer pattern occurred in open interspaces, which were only visited by small frugivores, and where the seed size distribution was significantly biased toward the smallest seeds.