Translation of bib in Spanish:


babero, n.

Pronunciation /bɪb/


  • 1

    (for baby)
    babero masculine
    • He removed the grey bib from around my neck and handed me a piece of white tissue.
    • On a less emotional level, they found that cloth bibs were often scattered all over the house - and usually ended up in places where they weren't needed, such as an upstairs bedroom.
    • Through the production company, I've written three books, and I have a small line of T-shirts, umbrellas, kids clothes, and bibs.
    • Other than that, I got a lot of clothes, and bibs.
    • At the cutlery and condiments counter, besides the usual articles you will also find plastic baby bibs, cups, beakers, bowls and spoons, which customers are welcome to use.
    • She bounced on his lap in a pouting way, but eventually stopped when he put her baby bib, the plastic ones that come with the kid's meals, around her neck.
    • The embroidery on show includes clothing, bras, bibs and covers for the baskets the Dong people used to carry their babies around while they are working.
    • Articles such as disposable diapers, bibs, clothing, etc. are disclosed.
    • One such gadget is a plastic baby bib that has a reservoir at the bottom to collect mistargeted food items.
    • I watched as she got out this thermos flask of hot water and this bottle of milk and a plastic bowl of baby food and spoons and bibs, and went through this complicated preparation procedure.
    • Eventually, they see beyond the white walls, white chair, and white bed, to the jeans strewn on the floor, the soiled baby bibs, the jars of organic rice pudding.
    • I dressed him into a multicolored striped body suit after bathing him and I took him downstairs and put on his bib with the frog on it and fed him mashed apples, formula, and rice.
    • He was wearing a baby blue diaper, and a bib with a yellow star on it.
    • Mummy, you did remember to pack the bibs, didn't you?
    • Families who complete the study get to keep the camcorder they are provided to record their babies' behavior, plus bibs, t-shirts and other promotional items.
    • Other free items being handed out will include baby bibs warning of the health effects smoking has on babies, balloons, car air fresheners and other colourful items to attract the attention of smokers.
    • He launched the company in the 1990's to produce disposable baby bibs.
    • Some were adorned with beads and flowers or wore little hand-knit caps; others had bibs with cartoons and white, ruffled baby hats.
    • Given that children smear food into their hair, their ears, along the table, and on you, the small area of protection afforded by the bib is laughable, really.
    • And this morning, he insisted that Po should wear a bib, and should sit up at his little table to have breakfast with him.
  • 2

    (on dungarees, apron)
    peto masculine
    • But some of the silk eveningwear was fit for the most glamorous of parties, apron bibs floating across the chest then twisting into straps over the shoulders and asymmetrically across the back before dripping into a train.
    • The company has continued to add full and bib apron styles and colors, and it has expanded its line, and introduced a new poplin smock.
    • Unique to the garden store is a rugged nylon bib with five mesh pockets suitable for holding and organizing hand tools and seed packets.
    • That would be a pair of pink hot-pants with bib and braces that I once made but thankfully never wore.
    • Lifting her dark eyebrows, she looked at him with surprise in her squinting eyes, as if asking, “What is this for?” took the photo silently and put it in the bib of her apron.
    • "Take it; oh, you must!" he stammered, and thrust the envelope into the bib of her apron and ran back to his room, groaning and frowning as if he had hurt himself.
    • On her shoulders she wore a small dark-colored fichu that crossed upon her breast, which was also covered by the large bib of her apron.
    • My mother walked over to me, wiping her hand on the bib of her apron, and placed her right palm over my forehead, checking for a fever.
    • Sue had made a special holder inside the bib of his dungarees.
    • Rose smoothed her hands down the bib of her dungarees.
    • Her apron bib had a strap that went around her neck and the waist strings were tied behind her back.
    • Her apron bib was high to the collar in front, and fastened with straps which crossed at the back.
    • Margarite’s heart was beating like a drum under her apron bib.
    • My face was scratched by the starch on her apron bib.
    • "You get on with it, Charley," said she, giving him the can and fishing a spoon from the interior of her apron bib.
  • 3

    (on dress)
    pechera feminine