Translation of Bible Belt in Spanish:

Bible Belt


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    (in US)
    • the Bible Belt
    • The born-again Baptist governor is telling voters in this Bible Belt state that their tax system is ‘immoral’ and needs repair.
    • Since we're in the middle of the Bible Belt, we've been spending most of our time interviewing Christians and going to Christian churches, which are on almost every corner in many areas of the city.
    • But the coach is more conservative than a Bible Belt preacher.
    • The Northwest may never be a Bible Belt; however, northwesterners do and will respond to the gospel message.
    • We were and in some senses still are a Bible Belt of the South Pacific.
    • When two female staff members fall in love, all heck breaks lose in a Bible Belt high school.
    • In the heart of the Bluegrass, a Bible Belt preacher is rallying people to political action around what he calls ‘basic religious values.’
    • The mimosa tree is a popular tree in the Bible belt states.
    • Here in the Bible Belt the Pentecostals and Southern Baptists don't go in for sweet little ivy covered sanctuaries.
    • In Louisiana, a Bible Belt state, even a veiled suggestion of that sort could have cost him votes in a race that up until Election Day was too close to call.
    • In fact, as a child, I grew up in the hardcore territories of the south in the US, known as the Bible belt.
    • Being the daughter of the newly elected speaker of the house didn't close doors for the filmmaker as she traveled the Bible Belt for her latest documentary.
    • It is on the west coast - it is close to Hollywood and California - and it is not a Bible Belt state, but even Oregon voted against this issue.
    • How is it that three sons of the Bible Belt have each won the world's most prestigious award for their advancement of human rights, peacemaking and now Earth care?
    • A posse of public health nurses, social workers, pastors and extension agents has been deputized to bring down a divorce rate that in Oklahoma, as in several states across the Bible Belt, is among the highest in the country.