Translation of bicycle pump in Spanish:

bicycle pump

bomba (de bicicleta), n.


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    bomba (de bicicleta) feminine
    bombín masculine
    inflador masculine Bolivia, Peru, River Plate
    • Will the person who took my bicycle pump please return it?
    • He needed practical help, and that help came from a retired mechanical engineer who made a suck-blow device from a dental plate, part of a bicycle pump, an empty ball point pen and a paint brush.
    • I had not moved more than a mere 5 metres when a man passed me slowly on his two-wheeler with, surprise, surprise, a bicycle pump strapped to his luggage carrier.
    • Pitch a tent in 10 seconds with a refillable CO 2 canister, or in a minute with a bicycle pump.
    • The simplest demonstration of Boyle's Law is a hand bicycle pump.
    • The same nebulizer can be activated by the pressure of oxygen from a tank, or of air from an ordinary bicycle pump.
    • He helped his daughter make a rocket launcher using a 2 liter bottle and a bicycle pump.
    • When the Universe was more compressed, it was hotter, just as the air in a bicycle pump gets hot when it is compressed.
    • Normally this is a problem, especially when I found a rusty bicycle pump in my garage.
    • I got the elusive bicycle pump attachment yesterday.
    • One early launch account, for example, describes rocket fuel being loaded by bicycle pump.
    • Someone has to write the instructions for your wristwatch, or toaster oven, or bicycle pump, or sunglasses.
    • Those bicycle pumps are hard to operate after a hundred or so pushes.
    • They bring in staplers and photographs of their cars, lesson plans and bicycle pumps - uses of technology they liked or hated.
    • Here rooms can accumulate mystery detritus: half eaten packets of biscuits, journals, clothing, bicycle pumps.
    • The only thing that stood between me and two-wheeled nirvana was the complete lack of bicycle pumps in the town.