Translation of bidding in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪdɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(at auction)

      who'll open the bidding at $1,000? ¿quién ofrece 1.000 dólares para empezar?
      • the bidding stands at $950 tengo / me ofrecen 950 dólares
      • bidding was brisk la puja estuvo muy animada
      • Mick offered his services as a dance partner and was a big attraction with the ladies, fetching the highest price of €200 in the bidding.
      • Now, if their idea is to only have production companies in the bidding to ensure that the company stays in the business of production, then have criteria that are reasonable.
      • Also in the bidding were 3i, but he preferred Bridgepoint's more hands-on philosophy.
      • The following year he came up short again, this time finishing runner-up to his opponent in the bidding to own the new expansion.
      • The Saints and Seahawks also were in the bidding, but he preferred to be traded to the Panthers.
      • But there were other reasons for becoming a Cane at the age of 35, when 10 other teams were in the bidding.
      • Mitsubishi is still working on details of a bid including how much it will propose to pay and if it should form a partnership with other companies in the bidding, he said.
      • But if they do, expect the Red Sox, who tried for Sosa four years ago, to be in the bidding as well.
      • While Google's still in the bidding, that should be good for a few headlines.

    • 1.2(in bridge)

      declaración feminine
      • It is best for 5 or 4 players, and features a novel and ingenious method of bidding to choose the trumps and partnerships.
      • Once bidding is terminated, all players reveal their two face-down cards.
      • The bidding begins with the player to dealer's left and continues clockwise.
      • There is only one round of bidding and the player who bids the highest number of points becomes the soloist.
      • The bidding continues for as many rounds as necessary until all of the players except one has passed.

  • 2

    they had servants to do their bidding tenían criados para lo que se les antojara
    • A wealth of ideas issued from his lips, jest and wit and good humour were at his bidding, and his instructional lecture was also the most fascinating entertainment.
    • There was no sense of straining to recapture lost magic: it simply appeared, as if at his bidding.
    • At her bidding, yesterday's service at Westminster Abbey was set around Faure's Requiem.
    • Here, they argue, the executive director doesn't lead, but rather only does the bidding of the board.
    • Sometimes they have to work at my bidding whether they like it or not.
    • It comes not at the behest of some charismatic national leader or the bidding of some strident national organization.
    • After dinner, at his bidding, we went into the Prime Minister's study.
    • I came at his bidding, and now I find he's not available for some reason no one will explain.
    • Because the question was so kindly expressed, it took her several moments to realize that this was the rude question that he had asked at her bidding.
    • Words come at his bidding and they form into sentences and paragraphs as quickly as he can bring them on.
    • She tended her garden with her own hands, loving to see beautiful things grow at her bidding.
    • At her bidding the servants lifted Rachel from her bed to arrange her sheets.
    • Contrary to popular belief, though, this was at the bidding of the director, not the censors, after a spate of copycat crimes.
    • At her bidding I followed Phyllis up a narrow flight of stairs and into the house's first-floor sitting room.
    • I felt Hayden's hands on my face and at her bidding leaned down and placed my lips on hers.
    • Fagging was the enforced tradition whereby younger students would do the bidding of senior students, be their freaking slaves as it were.
    • What can be learned from this episode is that professional people in charge of law enforcement don't have to do the bidding of their masters when it comes to wrongdoing.
    • They had enough other servants at their bidding; two people wouldn't make much of a difference.
    • It would not be evident to everybody that they rode every day in a splendid carriage, and that all the servants were ready to run at their bidding.
    • I didn't need a second bidding and after warning my people not to talk if we met sentries but to have faith in me, we pushed ahead.