Translation of big-boned in Spanish:


de huesos grandes, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪɡˈbəʊnd/


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    de huesos grandes
    • Now I'm a perfectly healthy, big-boned girl with impeccable vision.
    • Both are significantly smaller than our "big-boned" domestic house cat who now weighs in at a pudgy 15 lbs.
    • Barbara's elegant mother, however, would have preferred a more feminine daughter than this big-boned, overweight youngster.
    • He is a physically imposing man, tall and big-boned, who looks as earnest and stern as a Presbyterian minister.
    • My father is six-foot-two, a big-boned farmer with a thick, strong body.
    • These loads are for big-boned, heavily muscled critters.
    • He's not fat, he's big-boned.
    • No, I was just a tall, big-boned, and still very clumsy girl.
    • He was a big-boned man of perhaps sixty, with a thick black moustache and a head of curly Mediterranean hair.
    • My mother is a big-boned woman.