Translation of big-ticket in Spanish:


caro, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪɡˌtɪkɪt/


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    • Most of the major issues are on big-ticket items such as K - 12 education reform, job training and health funding.
    • Taking precautionary measures can help you keep your car running smoothly and save on big-ticket expenses down the line.
    • Some analysts wonder whether the feds might eventually ration big-ticket expenses.
    • Those items will likely include other big-ticket purchases, such as airplanes and major appliances, Roth says.
    • But aside from these big-ticket items, much of the ‘another world is possible’ view remains murky.
    • So it is a big-ticket item for us if we're going to eliminate the fear and be successful over the next 100 days with all the attacks against Americans.
    • So far, the big-ticket speeches at the Republican convention have dealt almost exclusively with foreign policy and the war on terrorism.
    • Dinner tickets are $2,500 each, and tables were the big-ticket item at $25,000 each.
    • In the four years that Ann and Slate have been producing the list, it has become the definitive index of big-ticket American philanthropy.
    • Some early-birds even went for the straight to the big-ticket items on sale, such as flat-screen TVs and computers.
    • It took $200 million to make, so really their goal right now is to bring in big-ticket sales and have a big opening weekend.
    • Finally, the big-ticket endorsements for President Bush are coming in.
    • It was the only painting stolen from the PMA that day and wasn't necessarily a big-ticket item.
    • Retail sales remain relatively strong, particularly for big-ticket items like cars.
    • The idea is to use Linux to not only sell expensive computers but also high-margin software and big-ticket support and consulting services.
    • … With Hardaway gone, PF Anthony Mason is the next big-ticket decision for the Heat.
    • Rather than play Russian roulette with big-ticket movies, financial backers have begun to place smaller bets, putting their money in more modest projects.
    • The report identifies that much work needs to be done, funding needs to be improved, and that the council consider partnerships with sponsors for big-ticket events.
    • The big-ticket item, and the part that will generate the biggest cost overruns, is the Capitol Hill / U-District tunnel.
    • The statements also force government bodies to note costs to maintain or replace big-ticket items such as vehicles, computers and buildings.