Translation of big business in Spanish:

big business

el gran capital, n.


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    el gran capital
    the Government has again given in to big business el Gobierno ha vuelto a ceder ante el gran capital
    • to be big business ser un gran negocio
    • They are ineptly led and cut off from important sections of big business by their line over Europe.
    • They say the summit's aims of free trade and open borders help big business and hurt the poor.
    • What the American experience tells us is that farmers' markets are big business.
    • The charges are a sweetener for big business to move into privatised waste collection.
    • IP is now big business, and in big business the regulatory aspect comes to the fore.
    • We must not let the politicians and big business hide behind these tragic events to attack the working class.
    • The decision of big business to enter the pharmacy retail sector is not an issue.
    • A group set up to help children get a helping hand from big business has closed.
    • You could say Don is grateful at being awash in support and cash from his friends in big business.
    • So internet dating is big business, and growing in credibility year on year.
    • The countryside is changing and strawberries are big business, explains Pentabus.
    • Irish nightclubs are big business but public order concerns are threatening to cut short the party.
    • To side with big business against environmental regulation does these countries no credit.
    • Others question his knowledge of small firms, suggesting he only knows about big business.
    • Modern rugby is big business and it is vital to have men with the right background at the centre of the game in Scotland.
    • Dieting has become big business, with everything from pills to soaps which claim to fight the flab.
    • It was becoming big business and I remember saying to a pal that, if we wanted, we could take over the town.
    • The first is the face of big business, with every comfort and amenity at its disposal.
    • Yet when it comes to voting, they choose the interests of big business over their own.
    • One of these views of the film will dominate depending on how you see the world of big business.