Translation of big time in Spanish:

big time

Pronunciation /ˈbɪɡ ˈˌtaɪm/


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    the big time el estrellato
    • to make / reach / hit the big time alcanzar el estrellato
    • a big-time comedian un cómico de primera línea
    • big-time politics la política de alto nivel
    • They are a big club with a beautiful new stadium and they are geared towards the big time and expectation levels are high.
    • Assured handling transformed familiar ingredients into a global success and the big time beckoned.
    • Welcome to the big time St Kilda where success comes at a definite cost even if Brisbane has yet to pay it.
    • Unconcerned that the provincial German bank did not carry the clout of her previous employers, she set out to break into the big time.
    • After years of knocking about in various Glasgow bands without breaking into the big time, Wylie was working on a solo album.
    • This is a good way to break into the big time of reporting on things and not just commenting on them.
    • Now, according to Aussie legend John Newcombe, Hewitt is about to break into the big time on grass.
    • Laughing Boy is apparently his attempt to showcase his talent and break into the big time.
    • Or simply another small bike company trying to make us think while they break into the big time almost unnoticed?
    • In particular, first novels from initially unknown authors who then make it into the big time can be good investments.
    • A major star in the ascendancy is stopping off in Malvern on her way to the big time, according to the critics.
    • It is surely only a matter of time before Ballinacourty hit the big time once more in the top flight.
    • Daniel Meegan is looking forward to a career in soccer's big time - after signing for Leeds United.
    • Now she joins the literary big time, rubbing shoulders with such veteran talent as Canada's Margaret Atwood.
    • Ritchie is trying to break the eight metre barrier, but despite the opposition the venue is not the best for such a move into the long jump big time.
    • Pocket rocket Ben Johnson is destined for the rugby league big time judging by his exploits with York Acorn this season.

adverb phrase

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    to flop big time fracasar en grande