Translation of biker in Spanish:


motociclista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪkər/ /ˈbʌɪkə/

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    motociclista masculine, feminine
    motorista masculine, feminine
    motero masculine informal
    motera feminine informal
    • She has, I know, this completely wrong idea that motorcyclists - or bikers as they are now called - are responsible people.
    • The male biker, the second motorcyclist to die on the county's roads this year, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.
    • The motorcyclist is the sixth biker to be killed on the roads of North Yorkshire this year, and the fourth this month.
    • Just so you know, about 80 per cent of bikers have long hair.
    • Motoring organisations are also keen to help get the message across not only to their members but to trail bikers.
    • The court was told that Stephenson-Snell was also a biker and member of a Hell's Angel group.
    • But a biker gang researcher has rejected the suggestion inducted or patched members were involved.
    • The players began as a group of buskers entertaining hippies, bikers and computer programmers in the forests of Northern California and crossed the Atlantic eight years ago.
    • The bikers in the film are members of Biker Quebec.
    • Mr Frampton said: ‘Bikers talk to other bikers and they have a lot of respect for motorcycle cops.’
    • Well, we have seen bikers setting records of distances while some motorcyclists do bizarre tricks, but Badadal's brand of biking is different from the rest.
    • PC Steve Bushby, a police motorcyclist for 19 years, challenged the perception that bikers were overwhelmingly to blame for accidents.
    • Action began last weekend when police off-road motorcyclists and plainclothes officers began targeting bikers in the Athersley and New Lodge area.
    • An angry dad whose six-year-old son was struck by a hit-and-run motorcyclist has warned fathers will take action against trail bikers if police do not.
    • A Mecca for thousands of Yorkshire motorcyclists is to spend about £100,000 so that bikers can camp overnight.
    • Spearheading the drive in Swindon is motorcyclist Colin Sutton, who is hoping to hold a bikers' breakfast at a café.
    • All motorcyclists in Wiltshire are welcome, whether they are experienced bikers or have just returned to the hobby.
    • Or it might have you believing the quartet roared into town like Marlon Brando and his biker gang from The Wild One, rebelling against the prevailing fashions for abstraction and avant-garde.
    • The expedition - which has two women members also - will witness the participation of 10 bikers on six motorcycles.
    • And some expert bikers say that some motorcycle accessories may even render your bikes to become slower.
    • The great cyclist paradox is that bikers want to act like either pedestrians or automobiles, depending on which is more convenient at the time.
    • The program reflects the diversity of bicycling, from urban bikers to road racing to BMXers to the Critical Mass bike ride.
    • In the wings, waiting their chance to give the skaters a lesson or two in extreme stunts, the BMX bikers look huge on their tiny bicycles.
    • Big cash prizes are up for grabs for first female, male, mountain biker and tandem bikers in, and many, many lucky draw prizes are also to be won - irrespective of what category you enter.
    • Team Montrail is known for it's ability to blow away the competition in the paddling legs of the races and were once thought of as poor bikers.
    • I think Mountain bike and the skill sets of bike handling and a certain toughness at the pro level gives mountain bikers a bit of an edge on the road.
    • My house is pretty much dead center for the Tour so we will have a gaggle of bikers staying with us, which should make for some good times.
    • In September, work will begin on the play area, while the skate area, which will be used by skateboarders, BMX bikers and roller skaters, is expected in the early part of next year once designs have been finalised.
    • Skateboarders, BMX bikers and in-line skaters will all be able to use the purpose built site which includes specially-constructed ramps, grindrails and driveways.
    • The wheeled sport park, which will include facilities for skateboarders, BMX bikers and rollerblades, will be set up on Edgeside Estate, Edgeside, Waterfoot.
    • More than 60 skateboarders and BMX bikers of all ages turned up to use the equipment and they gave it a warm welcome, though they said it would not satisfy the need for a permanent skatepark site in the town.
    • North Yorkshire Police developed a Bike Safe strategy encouraging bikers to attend advanced rider courses and travel on expert-assessed rides.
    • Skate boarders and BMX bikers from Braintree attended a meeting at the council offices in Bocking End to find out about the Weavers Park site and how it will be run.
    • With the safety fence painted in yellow and black diagonal stripes it has been used by BMX bikers and skateboarders to practise their gyrations.
    • Skateboarders, BMX bikers, rollerbladers and in-line skaters of Iqaluit unite.
    • Young skaters and BMX bikers in Pewsey have been putting the finishing touches to their latest project, a half pipe ramp.
    • Sheltered seating and an arena for skateboarders and BMX bikers will be built on a field in the Skye Edge and Wybourn area.
    • Silsden's own BMX bikers also took to centre stage to show off their stunt skills.
    • The challenge has taken members of Pewsey Platform a club for BMX bikers, skaters and bladers more than two months to complete.
    • The event, organised by the Orkney Bike Club this year saw bikers from as far afield as Germany attending.