Translation of bikini line in Spanish:

bikini line

entrepierna, n.


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    entrepierna feminine
    ingle feminine
    • We also have patients who want hair removed along their bikini line so this is a common area of treatment for us, as well.
    • ‘Hair can appear around the vagina, throughout the bikini line and down your thighs,’ says Dr. Upright.
    • Waxing: Results last longer than shaving - weeks instead of days - and is best for larger areas such as arms and the bikini line.
    • Shaving can also result in ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini line area, which as every woman knows, ingrown hairs hurt!
    • Your doctor may use multiple treatments to target areas such as the face, upper lip, neck, chest, breasts, underarms, back, abdomen, bikini line and legs.
    • For a while, I shaved my bikini line along with my legs and armpits, mostly to stave off ridicule during junior high gym class and swimming.
    • If you shave your bikini line, skip the moisturizer and dab on an anti bacterial cream instead.
    • REALLY, REALLY not recommended for the bikini line…
    • Oh yes and the quote came from US player and golf commentator Gary McCord who angered Augusta National members with his infamous quip about the greens being as smooth as a bikini line!
    • If you must, just shave your bikini line for now.
    • Also, it's a good idea to wear an inexpensive pair of underwear (closest to the bikini line you want) so the esthetician can use it as a guide.
    • Cover the area with water and coat with a generous layer of lathered shaving cream - try a cream specifically for the bikini line.
    • I was so busy arranging my towel and wondering what it felt like to have a proper bikini line that I hadn't checked what was on the television screen directly in front of me.
    • Treatment for the bikini line is $250 a shot and you need four to six treatments depending on the thickness of your hair.
    • Shaving and even the elastic of your underwear rubbing against your bikini line can cause bumps.
    • We men usually prefer to shave or clip, but when it comes to the bikini line, waxing seems to be pretty popular with the ladies.
    • I mean, who has time to wax their bikini line and spritz their cellulite when there are children to be fed and EastEnders to watch?
    • But the question that always eludes me is what you talk about while having your bikini line waxed.
    • It's also good for the bikini line, since results last longer than shaving and itchy re-growth is less of an issue.
    • If it weren't for you, my faithful readers, I would have left after ten minutes and had my bikini line waxed.