Translation of bilberry in Spanish:


arándano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪlˌbɛri/ /ˈbɪlb(ə)ri/

nounplural bilberries

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    arándano masculine
    • When the weather's fine there's excellent walking on a network of inland tracks that climb past peat-dark lakes through cloudberries, bilberries, saxifrage and reindeer moss, with eagles above and the occasional moose up ahead.
    • In the shrub layer are green-leaf manzanita, bog bilberry, western azalea, and leather oak.
    • Leeds is to be linked with the bilberry, which grows on many of the moors surrounding the city and neighbouring Bradford.
    • A slightly uneven surface is studded with irregular mossy rocks and covered with the northern European forest mixture of grass and creeping shrubs like bilberry.
    • The snow pack was removed from four sample plots 1 m in size in a natural bilberry stand growing in a spruce forest in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens on 14 March 2000.
    • Clustered among the turning leaves were bilberries, cranberries, bog whortleberries, cloudberries and a dozen others, edible and poisonous.
    • A long nose of a shrew quivered through a tussock of grass, heather and bilberry gave ground to flanks of oak woods vivid with bluebells, wild strawberries flowered in cracks.
    • Soon we hit the heather and the bilberry and entered the huge open access area that covers 16,000 acres to the south and east.
    • It has spread, here and there, into wild rhododendrons and wild bilberries.
    • Below the scree - girt heights, pines, larches, birches and juniper grow in luxuriant profusion on a valley floor lush in green bracken, bilberry, cowberry and heather.
    • Plants such as birds-eye primrose, wild thyme, bilberry and the insectivorous butterwort will expand, creating spectacular landscapes.
    • The non-intensive moor was lovely with some hazy silver birch, vivid green mosses, rushes, bilberries, bleached and tufted grasses and a touch of gorse.
    • Clearing the birch will help oak saplings and bilberries, ferns, mosses and lichens to prosper on the escarpment overlooking Nidderdale.
    • So we slipped straight into a larch wood and then soon found a nice sunken track through Silpho Moor with beech and birch, heather and bilberry, and, having dropped out of the clouds, sweet views of Whisper Dales.
    • The bilberry bushes are just pushing through last year's flattened bracken and this year's rising heather.
    • We passed the most wonderfully invisible grouse butts buried in bilberries and discussed when the heather would be at its best.
    • Not only do the shaggy creatures trample down invasive bracken but they treat heather and bilberry with respect - unlike sheep, which munch the delicate shoots to extinction.
    • There's a rare ‘Green Lane’ sign, ground excavated by rabbits and drilled by miner bees, bilberry followed by heather, and you are on the tops.
    • We are in a side valley that you don't see from the main axis of Farndale, a roadless quiet, a place of stream and pale grasses, sphagnum moss, crags, heather and seas of bilberry.
    • Because rock climbers and others haven't bothered them they still have rare and precious toppings of bilberry and heather and adornment of mosses and lichens.