Translation of bilious in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbɪljəs/ /ˈbɪlɪəs/


  • 1

    to feel bilious sentirse descompuesto
    • this sort of food makes me bilious este tipo de comida me hace mal al hígado
    • bilious attack ataque al / de hígado
    • Two day old full term male with bilious vomiting and a palpable right lower quadrant mass.
    • The usual onset is 10 to 12 days of age, with presenting symptoms of gastric retention, bilious vomiting, ileus, abdominal distention and bloody stools.
    • When a neonate develops bilious vomiting, one should suspect a surgical condition.
    • Abdominal distention with bilious vomiting is observed within the first 24 hours after birth.
    • After playing basketball, he developed bilious vomiting and presented to our emergency department.
    • If you suspect any kind of intestinal obstruction because your child has bilious vomiting, a swollen abdomen, or bloody stools, take her to the emergency room immediately.
    • After a few hours of postnatal life, bowel distension becomes remarkable because of swallowed air and causes bilious vomiting.
    • However, the child did have some spitting up and now has frankly bilious vomiting, being green in color.
    • Any child presenting with bilious vomiting should be presumed to have a bowel obstruction.
    • Great claims were made for the beneficial effects of the Streatham waters, which were said to cure all manner of ills, including rheumatism, gout, jaundice, bilious attacks and even blindness.
    • I really struggled as well, particularly in my 20s, because of the swellings and the debilitating bilious attacks.
    • Umbilical drainage containing bilious or fecal material should prompt a work-up.
    • Even in cases positively diagnosed as typhus, surgeons also recorded bilious vomiting, diarrhea, and bowel hemorrhage, which are all symptoms of typhoid and remittent fever.
    • At the risk of provoking a bilious attack in Professor Bunyip, we badly need a large injection of what Phillip Adams' mate John Embling calls ‘tough love’.
    • Now, I'm no fan of people chewing gum (especially with open mouths - if I wanted to see the contents of your mouth, trust me, I'd become a dentist) but even I'm not quite as bilious about the activity as this bloke.
    • Caraway and fennel seeds in food were used to cure a bilious body of ‘windy colic’.
    • Sixteen years after the Surgeon General made fat public enemy No. 1, the American consumer - fatter than ever in a low-fat world - has turned a bilious eye on foods like bread and pasta.
    • When she finally flips over to the darkside and channels gravely voiced barmaids (or a close facsimile thereof), the call goes out for a preacher who will drive Beelzebub and his bilious body odors away.
    • Lewis learned that Clark's bowels had not moved for several days and that he felt ‘somewhat bilious.’
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    • On the walls, liverish or bilious colours such as some shades of green can be difficult, as can very bright fluorescent shades.
    • All the big noses and bilious hues of the two worlds seemed to have made appointments there.
    • Overall, though, this is a fine car, and so long as you opt for a colour less garish than the test version's bilious yellow, it offers a discreet way to have some motoring enjoyment.
    • Ten years ago, Nick could be seen sporting a shocking ranged of jumpers that range from violent pink to bilious yellow.
    • When I first met Kevin, he was wearing his favourite blazer, a threadbare garment that fitted him ill, but you could spot him across the valley for it is a shockingly bright pink, accented with bilious green and yellow splotches.
    • Bad scrambled eggs are beyond the pale: insipid, pale lemon yellow fading to a bilious grey - granular, curdling or lying in a puddle of whey-like liquid.
    • On Thursday afternoon two young fans, led by their proud dads, were seen emerging from the Celtic superstore at Parkhead, clad in the rather bilious yellow away strip.
    • The first hour on Wednesday saw a procession of men dressing in bibs of a bilious yellow passing calmly and majestically behind the bowler's arm.
    • He went for a triple hair colouration - passionate pink, day-glo yellow and bilious green.
    • The colors - simmered shades of red, yellow and blue - are more urban decay than Mondrian, turning up as rusty orange, bilious yellow, bruised blue, teal blue and off-red, with smears of black and white.
    • I would never send my hypothetical daughter to a co-ed primary school, boys that age are bilious green minions of evil.
    • Since childhood, I've been the carsick passenger whose stomach churns in nauseous waves that turn my face a bilious green.
    • It might be a pool of coloured light that takes off onto a bravura progression through garish washes of colour - a chase scene through the industrial port-side lit as a progression through hot orange-red, a cold hazy blue and a bilious green.
    • Now, 25 years on, she is back and dressed to kill in bilious green polyester, swaying across the lounge to Donna Summer as she arranges the cheese-and-pineapple sticks for her guests.
    • Simultaneously rough and lyrical, her paintings are jagged emotional landscapes in colors that range from earthy to bilious, saturated to saccharine.
    • Saul's bilious colors, snaking black lines and bulbous forms contribute to the painting's forceful tension.