Translation of bilk in Spanish:


burlar, v.

Pronunciation /bɪlk/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (creditor) burlar
    to bilk sb (out) of sth estafarle algo a algn
    • His father worries that malicious users have preyed on his son's ‘psychological problems’ and bilked him out of money.
    • Eagerly searching for work, Charlie unfortunately becomes the victim of a scam; he's bilked out of all his money, and his jobless situation has not changed.
    • Shaking his head, he ushered the boy and the woman into the closest inn he could find and trust - one he'd stayed in before and knew wouldn't bilk him of his money.
    • Once there fraudsters attempt to bilk their victim for yet more cash.
    • They accuse me of actually having a home while bilking good people of their hard earned cash.
    • I thought they were putting extra charges on the bill to bilk people who weren't paying attention - I expected them to be very accommodating about correcting the bill if I made an issue out of it.
    • There seem to be those that aren't really cut out for the demands of the 9 to 5 workday, and Vincent's one of those people, to be sure, but one must question if that alone justifies him bilking his father and friends out of money.
    • One former customer service representative stated in 1999 that the company was ‘just bilking customers out of their money.’
    • These men could be on the street right now, bilking old ladies out of their money.
    • The electricity sector cannot be efficient when it breaks down catastrophically and bilks its own customers.
    • The four of them end up bilking him out of millions.
    • I also remembered that summer he bilked me out of fifty cents with the assurance that he had developed invisible arm bands that would shoot out steely webs just like Spiderman.
    • Until the 20th century, someone who bilked the consumer without using force was rarely prosecuted.
    • Archie's convinced the body shop is going to bilk him.
    • Who builds the offices in which lawyers can bilk their clients?
    • They are bilking fans out of millions of dollars by releasing the theatrical versions of the films several months in advance of the amazing extended editions.
    • Not only had Chase bilked him out of millions of dollars, but to add insult to injury he was now demanding $1 million dollars for the safe return of his daughter.