Translation of bill of goods in Spanish:

bill of goods

envío de mercancías, n.


  • 1

    envío de mercancías masculine
    despacho masculine
    de mercancías
    • To my knowledge, it was just a bill of goods.
    • How to tell the difference between a phony bill of goods and the genuine article.
    • And I went away and tried to write a kind of treatment that I thought covered the bill of goods.
    • This allows us to combine the features of statistically-derived models such as CES with the "bill of goods" approach which specifies actual costs and usage of production inputs.
    • In order to acquire full information about the goods' quantity and necessary certificates we advise you send your invoices or simply the bill of goods as early as possible.
    • At the time plaintiff claims to have sold the bill of goods to defendants, they were in the store of Hume & Porter.
    • You and your fellow traders inspect the bill of goods you've each just acquired.