Translation of billion in Spanish:


mil millones, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪljən/


  • 1

    mil millones masculine
    millar de millones masculine
    (The word billón is increasingly being used to translate this sense of billion but this use is not accepted by the Real Academia Española) millardo masculine
    I've got billions of things to do tengo miles / millones de cosas que hacer
    • They export more than three and a half billion dollars worth of liquefied natural gas a year.
    • Measurements of infrared light reveal that the black hole has a mass equivalent to three billion suns.
    • In this case four big donors get big contracts of between half a billion and two billion dollars.
    • War with Iraq will cost anything from fifty to a hundred billion dollars or more.
    • Road accidents are estimated to cost the equivalent of seven billion pounds per year.
    • That said this movie is sure to make at least a quarter billion in US dollars by year's end.
    • Also one of the biggest gambling days of the year with two billion dollars, we know of, bet on the game.
    • Over the next nine months, we are committed to delivering on a billion dollar assets sale.
    • He proposed a budget increase of twelve billion dollars over the next five years.
    • All of this amounts to eight billion dollars in lost revenue for the federal government.
    • This was possibly the best business deal in history, as he has made a few billion dollars from it.
    • There is so much talk about the billion of dollars of reconstruction money.
    • Right now, more than half a billion of the world's children are living on less than 55p a day.
    • Today there are six and half billion of us with bulldozers and chain saws and nuclear power.
    • Three billion dollars more are going into health, but there are fewer operations.
    • Gates but he's at the point where an extra billion dollars in his bank account probably makes him physically sick.
    • The Chinese admiral after whom the US Navy just named a billion dollar warship, for example.
    • That would have been like that one billion dollars suddenly turning into one trillion.
    • Disney admits that Pooh brings in a whopping one billion dollars a year.
    • He may have remained low key, but his billion dollar construction business has not.
    • Massive arcologies looming in the distance, like small mountains covered in billions of tiny lights.
    • Only one surviving bacterium or virus could multiply into billions in no time.
    • A vegetarian diet would drastically reduce the amount of crop land needed to feed billions.
    • Ares Vallis is one of several big outflow channels on Mars in this region that formed billions of years ago.
    • It will be in billions and billions of dollars or pounds.
  • 2dated

    (in UK: 10¹²)
    billón masculine
    • 1,000,000,000,000: Trillion. An old British tradition calls this a Billion
    • A conventional British billion is a thousand times bigger than an American billion.
    • The 'old' billion was 1000,000,000,000; this is now the trillion.
    • I still maintain the 'proper' billion ... but then I still write: 'connexion'!
    • To the British, including the Empire and the Commonwealth, billion has long meant a million millions (1,000,000,000,000, or 10 to the twelfth), what Americans call a trillion.