Translation of bimetallic in Spanish:


bimetálico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbaɪməˈtælɪk/ /bʌɪmɪˈtalɪk/


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    • Condensation (distilled water) aggressively facilitates other forms of deterioration (e.g., bimetallic corrosion).
    • Sheetz and Singer have compared the fact that asymmetric area expansion tends to curve a bilayer with a bimetallic couple (bilayer couple hypothesis).
    • Adzic and Mavrikakis suggest that the efficiency boost coupled with the lower cost of a bimetallic compared with a pure platinum cathode points to a commercially viable alternative to current ORR fuel cell design.
    • They have anchored bimetallic catalysts, such as a ruthenium-tin catalyst, to the insides of such molecular sieves and have found that they can selectively hydrogenate cyclic polyenes.
    • It is also used for making bimetallic materials for the instrument industry.
    • Oven thermometers are usually of the robust bimetallic type, with a magnet on the back so that they can be fixed to the steel wall of the oven.