Translation of binary in Spanish:


binario, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪnəri/ /ˈbaɪˌnəri/ /ˈbʌɪnəri/

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    (system/notation/digit) binario
    • Electronic computers are today machines based on binary arithmetic but this was not so for the ENIAC computer.
    • His favourite topics in number theory included binary quadratic forms, quadratic residues, Gauss sums and Fermat quotients.
    • I'll try to explain why this is so: like any number we can, theoretically at least, write Omega in binary notation, as a string of 0s and 1s.
    • Dividing by two and then taking the remainder gives us a number's last digit in binary notation.
    • Computing individual hexadecimal digits using that formula relies on a venerable technique known as the binary algorithm for exponentiation.
    • Here are the two methods, used to convert the binary number 11001 to base 10.
    • Both the original design and the modern version of one-time pads are based on the binary alphabet.
    • It was at Göttingen that he obtained his doctorate in 1912, working with Landau on analytic number theory and binary quadratic forms.
    • A more sophisticated student may surmise that, as the parents are replaced by their parents, the binary encoding and continued fractions come into the play.
    • In this appendix we discuss two basic mathematical ideas; binary representations of integers and modular arithmetic.
    • The cultural preference for base 10 and the engineering advantages of base 2 have nothing to do with any intrinsic properties of the decimal and binary numbering systems.
    • Unfortunately the drive industry looks likely to continue marketing the decimal rather than the binary definition.
    • For example, written out in binary form, a Mersenne number consists of an unbroken string of 1s - 6,972,593 of them in the case of the record holder.
    • Written out in binary form, a Mersenne number consists of an unbroken string of 1s.
    • To simplify recording and transmission, and also later processing, the signal for each pixel is converted to a digital number in the 0to 255 range encoded in binary notation.
    • The letter A, for example, is represented in binary notation as 01000001.
    • Because it's all to do with binary notation, since two raise to the power of ten gives 1024 not 1000.
    • The statement Q n is then that the nth digit in the binary decimal for [Omega] is 1.
    • When performing binary addition, just like for addition in base ten, we need to reserve two spaces for our result.
    • Twenty years earlier Gordan had proved the finite basis theorem for binary forms using a highly computational approach.
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    • By detecting how far apart the partners are and how rapidly they orbit each other, scientists can determine the mass, volume, and composition of the binary asteroids.
    • To avoid the binary thinking that collapses complexity, it is necessary to assess both similarities and differences while watchful for the excesses of either prejudice.
    • In the inorganic world, combustion can work the other way around, providing the energy to drive redox reactions and to form complex oxides from binary components.
    • More specifically, we ask the question whether the open conformation found in the binary complex is also accessible to the apo-enzyme.
    • We also discuss the implications of the methods in locating genes underlying complex binary traits by use of samples from natural populations.
    • The first equation that was estimated for each ethnic group included early substance use to estimate its binary effect on school completion.
    • Because the loss of territories was not a completely binary variable, we did not test for significant differences between groups.
    • During balanced growth, cells undergoing binary fission must double the number of every kind of RNA and protein molecule every cell cycle.
    • Well from this strange extract from an encyclopedia, the dead star is a binary twin to our sun and the 10th planet is our planet X.
    • A particular concentration is on a binary structure present in many myths, focusing on the complementary elements.
    • The method elicits multiple binary choices for paired items in a choice set.
    • The existence of nukes upped the ante, of course, and reduced the complexities of geopolitical competition to a binary outcome: off or on.
    • The set includes the composed sequence obtained from the preliminary binary signal.
    • What took place in 1953 right here in Cambridge, through significant collaboration with Birkbeck and King's Colleges, London, was the elucidation of its structure as a binary helix.
    • The binary opposition of ‘us’ and ‘them’ that is so important in motivating people to action actually reinforces stereotypes and creates barriers.
    • Frank Paynter says ‘I am not a person who would argue against the value of binary analysis.’
    • The answer is that these 155 mm artillery shells are binary chemical munitions, which means that the chemicals remain inert when stored in the two separate chambers of the shell.
    • However, this work is not simple enough to just be the presentation of binary oppositions; the repetition of the work confuses the distinction between beauty and the grotesque.
    • Mythos and logos form the binary base for Armstrong's explanation not only of the emergence of the modern world but also of the fierce response by fundamentalists to its excesses.
    • A model of this type possessed the maximal complexity for a given number of states that could be possibly resolved for a binary channel based on single-channel measurements.
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