Translation of bindery in Spanish:


taller de encuadernación, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪndəri/ /ˈbʌɪnd(ə)ri/

nounplural binderies

  • 1

    taller de encuadernación masculine
    • The people discover again how to use the foundries, book binderies, breweries, and halls of government that slowly push up out of the ground.
    • For its annual meeting, the Northern Ohio Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology planned a late August visit to the Strong Bindery, a custom bindery in Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood.
    • Kenny's also operates a book club and a bindery business.
    • We had finished printing the book and had taken it to the bindery.
    • I had to go to Ripon Community Printers and help in the bindery.
    • Following its press run, the magazine's signatures were hand-shuffled at the bindery according to a set of rules that preserved the order of the text (as pre-determined by the editors), but randomized the order of the art.
    • For a quarter of a century, including a four-year apprenticeship, Phil had worked quietly in the university bindery, one of a small team of craftsmen who bound students' theses, and repaired or restored books from the university library.
    • This the neighborhood bindery I imagined back in the eighties, when I suddenly realized what computers could do to free and distribute information.
    • The library maintains and restores its collection in its bindery, where skills like paper making, hand-marbling, gilding and binding are practised.
    • This morning I caught Lucy R. on her way to the bindery and asked her to tell Mr. Stannis I was sick & couldn't come in.
    • You see Dirk got me a job in a bindery for one of the print shops in Houston.
    • Best of all, though, was a hole-in-the-wall book bindery on Melrose Avenue that would have been easy to walk past.
    • Kahle plans to park in front of the court building, set up his press and bindery and give away books to those in the vicinity.
    • Printing more than 180,000 copies of AFP twice a month requires a variety of press capabilities and a complex bindery system.
    • Experts in press, bindery and photography/prepress skills all pilgrimaged to the two-story building to offer their knowledge to the eager young apprentices in robes.
    • The typefaces for the text and the captions were obviously selected by a designer who knew what he or she was doing, and the production received careful treatment at the press and bindery.
    • Norm Sobering, Derksen Printers press room and bindery production manager, agreed with that statement.