Translation of binge in Spanish:


Pronunciation /bɪndʒ/ /bɪn(d)ʒ/


  • 1

    to go on a binge irse de juerga / parranda / farra informal
    • they had a real binge to celebrate his promotion celebraron su ascenso con una borrachera
    • she dieted for two weeks and then had a huge binge estuvo dos semanas a régimen y después se dio tremenda comilona
    • he went on a shopping binge se fue a despilfarrar dinero a las tiendas
    • the festival is the city's cultural binge el festival es la orgía cultural de la ciudad
    • They can't do the student thing either - no all night drinking binges, no booze runs to France on the ferry, no freedom.
    • We hypothesise that alcohol, particularly when drunk in binges, acts as a catalyst on acute ischaemic heart diseases, possibly by being synergetic to other triggering factors.
    • Frey predicts that butterfly watchers in the rest of the country may be able to see more monarch drinking binges in hot spells and during mating periods.
    • He eats too many late-night kebabs after drinking binges stemming from his innate self-hatred and inability to be at peace with the world.
    • Although he promised to stay off alcohol, Best went on a binge last month in his local pub.
    • Aside from the problem of alcoholism, the violence and fighting associated with drinking binges is almost a normal state of affairs in many areas.
    • Many young people who smoke tobacco or who often have drinking binges have not seriously considered changing.
    • These reports of late night drinking binges are untrue.
    • Rogue builders who conned pensioners out of £140,000 before blowing the cash on drinking binges have been ordered to reveal how much they each profited from the scam.
    • Gallons of alcohol have also been seized from youngsters who use the streets for open air drink binges and 17 arrests have been made of those caught ignoring police orders.
    • Sue Robinson, defending, said her client had been an alcoholic for 25 years and would take herself off on three or four day drinking binges.
    • Drink and drug binges at a graveyard in the town and vandalism at a play park on the Forest estate have caused residents a lot of misery over the last few months.
    • Another neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said petty crime and teenage drink binges also plagued the estate.
    • When I first became interested in Linux, I purchased Red Hat and went on a binge to explore everything.
    • For example, the capacity of the liver to metabolize alcohol is increased by a steady high level of drinking but markedly impaired by alcohol binges.
    • That way he got paid pretty quickly, went on a binge, sobered up, wrote another one, and so on.
    • As with many great artists, Pollock was an undiagnosed manic-depressive whose life was characterized by periods of self-destructive binges followed by giddy bouts of joy and creativity.
    • People with binge eating disorder are extremely distressed by their binge eating.
    • The worst thing about not being a student anymore is no summer holiday, meaning no 5-day test binges (bingeing on cricket that is, no alcohol involved).
    • She's been eating in binges as well, and called in sick today merely because she didn't want to face anyone.

intransitive verb

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    darse una comilona informal
    to binge on sth atiborrarse / hartarse de algo