Translation of binge-eat in Spanish:


intransitive verb

  • 1

    darse atracones de comida en forma compulsiva
    • In some people who binge-eat, sugar may produce a true addiction.
    • I seriously think she is trying to starve me because she knows I will binge-eat during football games!
    • He piled on the pounds when his business was hit by the recession and he started binge-eating for comfort.
    • Why do people with sleep disorders such as insomnia often binge-eat late at night?
    • I would binge-eat and then make myself sick up to 16 times a day.
    • Millions of women binge-eat and have a negative relationship with food, according to a new survey.
    • The tendency to binge-eat may be related to the brain's natural reward system, or the extent to which someone likes and seeks reward, he said.
    • He's recently started seeing an NHS psychologist to help him understand what makes him binge-eat.
    • She admits battling bulimia, saying she would starve herself and then binge-eat.
    • The less hungry you are, the less likely you will make bad food choices or binge-eat come mealtime.
    • Recurrent binge-eating was defined as binge-eating large amounts of food at least four times during the previous month.