Translation of bingo in Spanish:


bingo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪŋɡoʊ/ /ˈbɪŋɡəʊ/

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    bingo masculine
    lotería (de cartones) feminine
    to play bingo jugar al bingo / a la lotería
    • Once, working in a bingo hall, a caller asked him what he wanted to do with his life and Kay confessed he wasn't sure.
    • As anyone who lives in York knows, the opening of the new bingo hall marks the end of the road for the old Rialto.
    • A loyal bingo player, a game she loved and hated to miss.
    • Bermudians will still be able to gamble on horse racing, the football pools, in the bingo halls and on internet gaming sites.
    • The lucky winner of the bingo pool of E130 was Eileen Keveaney.
    • The ten finalists were drawn randomly from a bingo machine and each one made their way up to the stage where they picked a key.
    • Michael Mooney from Ahena was the lucky winner of the E300 bingo jackpot in the Town Hall last Thursday night week.
    • Other former department stores are now a bingo hall and a billiards parlor.
    • Its profits jumped 16% as the Mecca bingo halls continued to draw in the punters.
    • Card games, bingo games and dart-throwing competitions, all played for money, are endemic.
    • Its members also enjoy bingo every Tuesday night with the bingo cards supplied for the entire year by the association.
    • After finishing the supper there was Bingo and Door prizes, the bingo games were called by Jack Fraser assisted by Brain Close.
    • Looking more carefully, I see it is set up like a bingo card with rows and columns and animated illustrations that each has a life of its own.
    • Anyone who had one of the bingo cards that had been pushed through people's letterboxes could therefore play the game without buying a newspaper.
    • After you print out the bingo cards, you watch selected episodes to match up words and activities to your card!
    • Multimedia installs the slot-machine-like bingo player stations free of charge.
    • They used to return all the money spent buying bingo cards to the players, with no rake-off.
    • McKenzie has a promising career as a bingo caller if he tires of television.
    • Many festivals have had performers, narrators, door prizes and a bingo game made to fit the theme.
    • The internet is a major gambling hall for punters where they play poker bingo cards whatever; gamblers even get to play lotto online.


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    ¡cartón completo!
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    (describing sudden effect)