Translation of bingo wings in Spanish:

bingo wings

alas de murciélago, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪŋɡoʊ ˌwɪŋz/

plural noun

  • 1

    alas de murciélago feminine informal
    • There aren't many women beyond their late 30's, in truth, who I can think of who don't have bingo wings.
    • Devotees often sport 'bingo wings' - ill-advised displays of generous upper-arm flesh.
    • The award for most catty remark went to Jackie, who said that a woman in the crowd had 'bingo wings'.
    • She's covered up her bingo wings with a sensible black suit.
    • These aren't just large arms, they're large arms with dry, scaly skin, with horrible armpits, with huge flabby bingo wings flapping about underneath the upper arms.
    • I thought turning grey would be my lot eventually, along with bingo wings and varicose veins.
    • Flabby underarm 'bingo wings', and bones clearly visible through a skinny frame came a close second and third.
    • Kiss goodbye to your bingo wings.
    • And, more importantly, I don't want them to see me with a frizzy mop, crows feet and - although I haven't played the game for five years - bingo wings.
    • Work has to be done to get into bikini shape, lose those bingo wings, attain a flat stomach and so on.
    • In their place were perms and dyes, Michelin waists, plump upper arms (and, horror of horrors, the first stages of the dreaded 'bingo wings'), and 40-something, careworn faces.
    • Then she got her gelatinous bingo wings in a twist.
    • Lyn folds Steph up in her bingo wings and says 'Oh sweetheart, good heavens, what's happened?'
    • Still, you can't argue with a sport that uses 90% of your skeletal muscles, burns 20% more calories than normal walking and turns your bingo wings to iron.
    • She has decided that she's done with covering up her bingo wings, and wants them to be out and proud.