Translation of binliner in Spanish:


bolsa de la basura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪnlaɪnər/ /ˈbɪnˌlʌɪnə/


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    bolsa de la basura feminine
    • The pair of pistols were sealed inside a plastic lunchbox with a green lid, bundled up in plastic bags and a bin liner.
    • Wear protective gloves and seal the carcass in a plastic bin liner, double-bag it and put it in a covered dustbin.
    • A bin liner and a rucksack were used to conceal the removal from his flat of the rifle and a baseball bat.
    • Undeterred, Big Dan scooped what was left into a plastic bin liner and returned the unsold fish to the J & M Bar.
    • And David Cronenberg's remake of the Fifties horror movie The Fly was vastly superior because Jeff Goldblum's metamorphosis into an insect was far more convincing than Al Hedison in a bin liner with goggles.
    • We say the clothing was in the bottom of the bin, and after the clothing was there the bin liner had been put in it and spread and his fingerprints are on the spreading process, as it were, of the bin liner.
    • Because of the complete lack of preparation, the wet clothes in the bin liner weren't even clean clothes, so washing powder was also packed (which only looked a lot like a drugs shipment).
    • The defence accept that Townend's fingerprints were on three of the stolen paintings, including Turner's Rievaulx Abbey, and Spence's fingerprints were on a bin liner.
    • The first grisly discovery was made on February 25 when an arm and leg concealed in a bin liner were fished out of a riverside leisure centre in the village of Locquignol, in the forest of Mormal near Lille.
    • When you have a bin liner full of important bank, building society and insurance-related documents that you are looking for an opportunity to burn, Bonfire Night will come around.
    • The 32-year-old was jailed for nine months after Swindon Crown Court heard he was tracked down through prints left on the black bin liner.
    • The climbing hydrangea has shed the last of its lovely autumn yellow leaves, which wait at its feet to be gathered together and placed in a bin liner where they will rot for a year or two into leaf mould.
    • Alternatively, you could go out for an hour and see if you can fill a black bin liner you will get a great sense of achievement when you see the difference YOU have made to your area.
    • Until moments before the photograph was taken, they nestled in a black bin liner of assorted laundry that I was attempting to transfer from my car to my new flat.
    • I previously had a domestic bin under my sink in which I put a bin liner and then filled it daily with tins, waste meat etc…
    • We do not put out a conventional dustbin to be emptied; this is lined with a black bin liner and is kept in the back garden with a secure lid to keep out foxes that roam this area.
    • Outside the window Dunne tries to catch Keegan's attention but the manager is too busy shovelling footballs into a black bin liner to notice.
    • Palmer finally left with the pig's head in a bin liner provided by court officials, vowing to take it to lost property at Selby police station.
    • As usual, don't rely on my accuracy in this, but from what I can gather the grass is bailed up in what looks like a big bin liner and left to slightly compost.
    • Removing the garbage from the bin AND putting a new bin liner in, and putting the lid on, seems simply too much work.