Translation of binman in Spanish:


basurero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbɪnmæn/ /ˈbɪnman/

nounplural binmen

  • 1

    basurero masculine
    • Members of the GMB and Unison also want more protection from Bradford Council for binmen and street cleaners who are suffering attacks as they work.
    • Charges for binmen could be levied by the bag - and collections slashed by half - in a green revolution for Greater Manchester.
    • Avoiding the obvious thought of how Andy's constant ‘poor binman me’ bleating must have made other binmen feel, it seemed to be a strategy that worked for him.
    • Not the kind you put rubbish in and the binmen take two weeks to empty.
    • There was controversy last month when a leaked paper from a Downing Street working group suggested a charge on each black sack left out for the binmen or a tax on plastic shopping bags.
    • Even if the binman's kids get help, why should the binman's boss's kids miss out, just because his earnings fall the wrong side of £30,000?
    • A binman who died after being run over by his own dustbin wagon might have stepped into a blind spot behind the vehicle, an inquest heard.
    • The idea is not accompanied by a promise to reduce the binman's tax bill when the new charges come in.
    • Already experienced binmen, the five - Peter Dewhurst, John Shears, Peter Mercer, Peter Shears and John Knight - have now got certificates that prove it.
    • The order covers the inside of council buildings, council-owned vehicles, outdoor maintenance staff and contract staff, including binmen and highway maintenance workers.
    • After examining what gives us quality of life - from the number of birds in the trees to the standard of the binmen - it declared the worst places to live in England were Staffordshire and Hertfordshire.
    • Barnet Council is threatening fines of up to £1000 for around 25,000 residents in four selected wards who do not put glass, tins, cans and paper into a separate box for the binmen.
    • Neighbour Nicola Cheetham said: ‘The back street is absolutely disgusting because the binmen won't take black bags.’
    • Six bags of the stuff in my case were left by the binmen - not my rubbish, mind you but those collected from Saunders Road and deposited at my front gate in the hope the binmen would feel generous and actually take them away.
    • If they sent fewer environmental - type newsletters and gave local residents the facility to recycle, I would have more room in my bin for hedge clippings which the binmen refused to take away.
    • Coun Daren Hale, who has supported the incinerator from the outset, said down his street only four or five blue bins were put out for the binmen, despite the claim of intense opposition to the incinerator.
    • Set in a Glasgow slum 30 years ago during the binmen's strike, Ratcatcher focuses on the aftermath of a drowning in a canal and its effect on a 12-year-old boy.
    • In protest binmen are now only working their normal terms and conditions, starting at 7am, taking their full lunchbreak and finishing work at 3.30 pm.
    • Trouble flared on a Rochdale estate when the binmen, acting under instruction, refused to empty wheelie bins whose lids were not fully closed and refused to take away rubbish bags left by the bins.
    • The city's 120 binmen withdrew their goodwill in May, which included not working two bank holidays, in protest at council plans to privatise the service.