Translation of bioactive in Spanish:


bioactivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbaɪoʊˈæktɪv/ /bʌɪəʊˈaktɪv/


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    • Polyethylene glycol is also widely used as a suppository base, to make solid dispersions in order to enhance the solubility of drugs and for the modification of proteins and bioactive substances.
    • Analysis of a variety of bioactive proteins contributing to human health is a potential future application of the HSS software package as well as multifunctional PCS.
    • Glanbia's lactoferrin (branded Bioferrin (R)) is a bioactive milk protein, which has been shown to facilitate immune enhancement, intestinal health and overall wellness.
    • The researchers say the collagen allows the attachment of bioactive proteins that will promote healing and reduce clot formation.
    • The latter method produces 18 percent to 20 percent macropeptides, which are bioactive proteins, while ion exchange produces none.
    • It is possible that such bioactive proteins may be distributed some distance away from the allergen-induced airway mucosal processes.
    • We knew that there was a correlation between surface charge, surface energy and the accumulation of bioactive substances.
    • The coating's bioactive substances are chitosan - a naturally occurring fiber found in some weight-loss products - and a synthetic sugar used as a glucose substitute.
    • Thus, it is frequently subjected to radical peeling of its bark, which contains the bioactive substances used for treating some human diseases.
    • Manika Das, of the University of Calcutta, and B. N. Mallick, of the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, and their colleagues have analyzed the bioactive chemicals in the skin of the common Indian toad, Bufo melanostictus.
    • But recently, the bioactive ingredients of soy have grabbed scientists' and nutritionists' attention.
    • A Bulgarian company has begun producing a vodka that contains vitamins C, B1 and B2, honey, milk and other bioactive ingredients.
    • Using bioglass, a special bioactive ceramic which mimics the structure of bone material, researchers are growing rings made out of the couples' bone.
    • Work pioneered by Hench and Polak recently led to the discovery of a family of bone formation genes that can be influenced by bioactive materials.
    • It is quite possible that the diffusion of bioactive antibiotics would be hindered by the thickened pleura.
    • Other functional ingredient contenders for the dairy arena include dietary fiber, whey protein isolates, whey protein concentrates, bioactive peptide systems and additional minerals and vitamins.
    • The first, Combination A, contained an enzymatically rendered fish protein with a high level of bioactive peptides and amino acids.
    • Lipidation of bioactive peptides has been proposed as a way to increase their membrane binding, biological activity, and bioavailability.
    • A decrease in estradiol (the bioactive form of estrogen) was seen, but unlike testosterone the change was not drastic - levels still remained within the low end of normal.
    • When digested, the seed meal released bioactive peptides, or proteins, that inhibited the production of an enzyme that contributes to high blood pressure.