Translation of biocide in Spanish:


biocida, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪəˌsaɪd/ /ˈbʌɪəsʌɪd/


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    biocida masculine
    • Some biocides are considered pesticides, and some States require that only registered pesticide applicators apply these products in schools.
    • Often referred to as non-agricultural pesticides, biocides encompass a wide range of applications including disinfection, preservation and pest control.
    • Chemical biocides are regulated by EPA under Federal pesticide law.
    • The technology transforms yeast cells into natural capsules, replacing their contents with a combination of standard biocides and essential oils, into ‘a complex killing mechanism that destroys MRSA’.
    • Safedip Limited is another created in 1997 to develop safe, environmentally friendly biocides for veterinary, environmental and human conditions, and it also received a Spur grant from the DTI.
    • A working group headed by the government's Health and Safety Executive has begun to investigate the hazards of biocides in response to a new European directive.
    • Such assurances, however, fail to satisfy environmental groups who are now demanding government restrictions on the widespread use of biocides.
    • The nonsusceptibility of microorganisms to biocides and the targets some biocides share with antibiotics is of clinical concern because antibiotics are important armaments in the treatment of disease.
    • Further study into the effects of ultraviolet light and leach-rates on environmental toxicity of these compounds must be examined to give a clearer and more defined understanding of their potential application as booster biocides.
    • But, the selective pressure biocides exert on bacterial populations that have mechanisms of resistance similar to those to antibiotics or that are also substrates for antibiotic resistance is of concern.
    • To improve the workability of PVC resin various ingredients are added to the resin including stabilizers, impact modifiers, lubricants, plasticizers, biocides and flame retardants.
    • Naval Sea Systems Command is working with chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop safe, effective, organic biocides to produce innovative underwater-hull coatings.
    • On the other hand, the large-scale mono-cropping of medicinal species, which need inputs of artificial fertilisers, and large scale spraying of dangerous and expensive biocides is not a sustainable practice.
    • Over time, some weeds and fungi have developed resistance to many agricultural pesticides, creating a need to devise biologically based compounds - or biocides - with new modes of action.
    • General Chemical is a leading producer of such commodities as soda ash and calcium chloride, while Garratt-Callahan makes higher value goods such as biocides, and corrosion and scale inhibitors.
    • They need to use suitable biocides to clean out the system properly.
    • In addition, the service provider may propose applying chemical biocides, designed to kill microbiological contaminants, to the inside of the duct work and to other system components.
    • Anti-fouling paints keep marine organisms from growing on boat bottoms because they contain biocides, chemicals that hinder the growth of barnacles and other animals.
    • Semmelweis documented the importance of antiseptics in clinical medicine; the importance of biocides in the domicile environment remains to be determined.
    • Solutions to the foreign-species transfer problem have included using various filtration systems, heat treatments, and biocides for the ballast water.