Translation of biodegradable in Spanish:


biodegradable, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌbaɪoʊdəˈɡreɪdəb(ə)l/ /ˌbʌɪə(ʊ)dɪˈɡreɪdəb(ə)l/


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    • If the consumer is involved in purchasing recyclable products, using biodegradable ingredients, points are added.
    • The vegetable wax is biodegradable, and no synthetic fragrances are added to the essential oils.
    • And what happened to the fashion fad for biodegradable packaging?
    • Products made out of biodegradable materials like sisal and areca spathes were also on show at the Town Hall.
    • Each house in the village now has kitchen gardens sustained by biodegradable substances such as vegetable wastes.
    • The biodegradable substances his team has been working on would serve as a scaffold for a cell, he said.
    • The team fashioned the biodegradable plastic into disposable flatware and plates that break down when composted.
    • Some photodegradable and biodegradable plastics are already in use in agriculture, according to Tyler.
    • When they can't find a producer to meet their standards, they produce their own, as they do with organic milk and biodegradable soap.
    • Among the offences detected were household waste being passed off as recyclables, and the presence of biodegradable matter which gave rise to odours.
    • The Wheelie Washer cleans both domestic and commercial bins using biodegradable detergent, and recycles the water it uses.
    • Since most pesticides are not biodegradable, once they enter the food chain they persist in plant or animal bodies.
    • The biodegradable paper cups introduced two years ago in place of plastic cups are however very much in use.
    • At last, a biodegradable food packaging that's cheap enough to compete with conventional plastic.
    • It's a sign that biodegradable plastics appeal to both the eco-conscious and penny-pinchers.
    • He'll be going down on a bike, but he's going to be followed by a bus, and the bus is run on biodegradable fuel and solar power and there's a greenhouse on this bus.
    • You can also modify the type of oil that plants are producing by introducing a single gene so the plants make a very useful lubricant or something like a biodegradable plastic.
    • The highly effective, biodegradable stuff smells so fresh that it just might refine your sense of clean for good.
    • The material is biodegradable, yet the results achieved are relatively long-lasting.
    • Also, flowers and other biodegradable materials may be used for mulching by spreading them on the top soil around plants and trees.