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biografía, n.

Pronunciación /baɪˈɑɡrəfi/ /bʌɪˈɒɡrəfi/

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nombreplural biographies

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    biografía femenino
    • Hey, there are people writing novels and biographies using pictures as well as words.
    • Was it possible to write the bestselling biography to match the box-office hit?
    • Drummund, who was also a biographer for Billy Graham, wrote an excellent biography on Finney which deals with this.
    • This is what is said to have prompted Asan to write a biography of Achutha Menon, drawing on his close relationship with him.
    • I can't help but feel that if you could write a biography of Pepys with only side references to the diary it'd work a lot better.
    • I think I may write a non-linear biography starting from now and going in both directions at once.
    • They are biographies, and writers should not have biographies written.
    • He wrote a worthy biography of Red Smith and edited a book of columns by Smith.
    • He also wrote several short biographies on early identities to be included in Dictionary of New Zealand Biography.
    • A keen horsewoman, she was writing a biography of Captain Mark Phillips - he and Princess Anne were still married at the time.
    • The result is a biography written wholly in the spirit of its subject.
    • Lee said it wasn't his decision to sack Bell and if anything is written otherwise in the biography, which is due out in the autumn, he will take legal action.
    • My brother Marvin and I once wrote a biography of the former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.
    • She once toyed with writing a biography of Margaret Thatcher, the first time she's ever been interested in writing about a living person.
    • In The Name is not a Pilger biography but an account of Pilger's television work with which the journalist himself co-operated.
    • He was also responsible for publishing Dorothy Wordsworth's diaries and wrote a ground-breaking biography of her.
    • Brown even went on to write a biography of James Maxton.
    • This might suggest the difficulty of writing the biography of someone who spent so much of his life recreating his life in fiction.
    • It is not easy to write a biography about a person who is known to be reticent and the problem gets compounded when the attempt is not authorised.
    • When I went on to write the biography of Charles, true to his character, he gave me complete freedom of access to friends and documents.