Translation of biomarker in Spanish:


biomarcador, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪoʊˌmɑrkər/ /ˈbʌɪəʊmɑːkə/


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    biomarcador masculine
    • Several biomarker studies have examined the impact of vitamin E supplementation on biomarkers of DNA damage.
    • Diet is an important variable in determining DNA damage biomarkers, specifically micronuclei.
    • In our laboratory we have adapted a similar strategy to that reported by Liu et al. to perform on-line sample dialysis and clean-up for several protein biomarkers.
    • It is important to examine other biomarkers, such as chromosome aberrations and micronuclei, that relate to the damage still present after cellular processing.
    • Protein biomarkers offer great potential to improve the predictivity of animal studies and, in particular, provide the bridge between effects in animals and in man.
    • Moreover, it has helped us identify species and biomarkers that may better contribute to establishing the quality and extent of the toxicological impact.
    • A variance decomposition analysis was performed to reveal the extent to which platform error influenced the ability to identify biomarkers.
    • Several biomarkers for genetic susceptibility which are also associated with increased cancer risk have been identified.
    • Molecular diagnostics is a branch of clinical diagnostics that uses primarily DNA or RNA as a biomarker for clinical testing.
    • The gene expression biomarkers of caloric restriction can also be used to develop pharmaceuticals targeted to its genomic effects.
    • In addition, a better integration will facilitate the discovery of genes for novel biomarkers and targets for new therapeutic interventions.
    • Proteins linked to cancer may then serve as biomarkers to detect early disease and predict responsiveness to therapy or the likelihood of recurrence.
    • The effect of isolated soy protein on plasma biomarkers in elderly men with elevated serum prostate specific antigen.
    • If this were the case, increased intake of beta-carotene would not be expected to protect against disease since it was a biomarker of some other process and not indicative of low dietary intake.
    • Plasma concentration of homocysteine is a good biomarker for folate deficiency.
    • Cytogenetic damage, evaluated as chromosomal aberrations, has been successfully applied as a reliable biomarker for chronic health risk.
    • The compounds identified include biomarkers: compounds that can be related to identifiable biological chemical ‘species’.
    • Under such circumstances, the identification of noninvasive or minimally invasive biomarkers of disease activity is essential.
    • Your lab is now searching for biomarkers, proteins in the blood that are linked to the presence of particular cancers.
    • If biomarkers for the disease are present in the patient's sample, the lab-on-a-chip analysis will separate fluorescent antibodies bound to the biomarker from unbound antibodies.
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    indicador biológico masculine