Translation of biomass in Spanish:


biomasa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪoʊˌmæs/ /ˈbʌɪə(ʊ)mas/


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    biomasa feminine
    • Harvest index was measured as the ratio between root weight and total biomass.
    • However, it has increased the grain yield potential and thereby the ratio of grain mass to total above-ground biomass or harvest index.
    • Total biomass was also increased relative to controls by the end of the experiment.
    • Biomass composition as a percentage of total biomass for three stages of development in Dionaea.
    • At each time point, total biomass and chlorophyll contents of seven individual plants were quantified.
    • In contrast, later formed leaves remained smaller and total leaf biomass remained substantially reduced in the mutants.
    • Contaminants are subsequently removed by harvesting the above-ground shoot biomass for volume reduction and storage.
    • We therefore tracked plant growth using leaf height as a surrogate for aboveground dry weight biomass.
    • Both the real and the virtual plants responded to removal of branches by producing a taller plant bearing larger leaves, but less total biomass.
    • Lichens thus dominate the Antarctic flora both in terms of species diversity and in terms of total biomass.
    • I estimated colony size from the volume of the nest mound, which increases with total ant biomass.
    • Total plant biomass was calculated as the sum of the two.
    • Total biomass of resident birds was always higher than that of wintering birds at Tinaja Verde.
    • The curves were added together and are shown in the right panels; the data points are the total above-ground biomass.
    • By summing the total biomass of all classes, we get the total biomass estimate for each district.
    • Total stem biomass was measured after drying the plant material in an oven at 70°C until constant weight.
    • At intervals, plants were harvested for biomass and leaf area analysis according to Nogués et al..
    • Daytime food abundance was expressed as total dry biomass of insects collected per day.
    • The authors also presented data on total root system biomass; shoot growth was not assayed.
    • Reproductive allocation is usually measured as the ratio between seed and total biomass.
    • The proposal has the added bonus of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the use of biomass to generate electricity.
    • The use of biomass electrical generation is hardly the environmental boon it's made out to be.
    • He also sees huge potential for biomass fired electricity in the West of Ireland.
    • The company also sources and sells biomass wood fuels from other producers.
    • But some of it may be revegetated for biomass production for shrubs and trees to make biomass fuels out of possibly.
    • The minister recently visited a cluster of three sites at Crymych which are fuelled by biomass wood pellet boilers.
    • People will be encouraged to consume alternative power generated from biomass.
    • The company now exports biomass fuel to the Netherlands and Britain for power production and the home heating market.
    • There are more efficient ways to tap into the sun's energy via biomass fuels.
    • Coal and biomass fuels are used for household cooking and heating by almost 3 billion people worldwide
    • They are used instead for animal feed and increasingly for biomass fuel, such as ethanol.
    • Domestic biomass fuel combustion and chronic bronchitis in two rural Bolivian villages.
    • Nuclear power could free up more fossil and biomass fuels to use as liquid fuel for ground transportation.
    • He covered solar energy, wind energy, biomass and biogas, geothermal activity and thermal power.
    • Farmers are being offered millions of pounds worth of grants in an effort to boost production of biomass to meet renewable energy targets.
    • He said the company was in discussions with a major hotel chain about installing biomass generators in their properties around Scotland.
    • Faced with patented technology that no one wants to eat, biotech companies are now discussing growing GM crops for biomass fuel.
    • Solar, wind, geothermal, and biomass all show great potential as sources of electricity.
    • AES Drax is also seeking approval to test a plant-based biomass fuel, milled palm nut.
    • In total, burning this biomass will not add to the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.