Traducción de biopsy en Español:


biopsia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbaɪˌɑpsi/ /ˈbʌɪɒpsi/

nombreplural biopsies

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    biopsia femenino
    • Microscopic examination of the gastric biopsies revealed the presence of cellular infiltrate in the mucosa and submucosa.
    • Ultrasound examination and core biopsies confirm the diagnosis.
    • In these cases, mistakes frequently are made during examination of endoscopic biopsies.
    • After blood tests and a biopsy, Coeliac disease was confirmed and he was told to give up gluten.
    • The blandness of the spindle cells was so impressive as to dissuade us from a malignant diagnosis on preoperative biopsies.
    • An alternative approach is cryopreservation of slices or biopsies of ovarian tissue, which contain many thousands of immature oocytes.
    • It is still unknown to what extent bronchial biopsies capture pathology at this more peripheral location.
    • Finally, all women underwent thorough colposcopic examination, including directed biopsies.
    • Among the available follow-up surgical biopsies, no malignant diagnoses were made.
    • We examined only cervical biopsies in this study, and the results obtained may not be generalizable to other biopsy types.
    • In addition, later biopsies may show disease progression or regression.
    • Despite this second assessment, there were still no subtle features of coeliac disease on the initial biopsy.
    • While awaiting an appointment for the result of the biopsies, the patient discovered she was pregnant.
    • A tentative diagnosis of rabies was made on a biopsy and confirmed at autopsy.
    • Clearly blood tests, radiography, biopsies, and other technology based evaluations qualify.
    • The patient would probably benefit from doing transbronchial biopsies with the lavage if that is the prime consideration.
    • Colonoscopy is preferable to a barium enema because it allows for the biopsy and removal of lesions.
    • Surgical biopsies of paraffin-embedded lung tissue, if available, were reviewed by a lung pathologist.
    • Furthermore, endoscopic biopsies may not be sufficient to make the diagnosis, often requiring a surgical resection.
    • For example, invasive procedures such as needle biopsies are guided by ultrasound images.