Translation of biosecurity in Spanish:


bioseguridad, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbaɪoʊsəˈkjʊrədi/ /ˈbʌɪəʊsəˌkjʊərɪti/


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    bioseguridad feminine
    • Vets have the responsibility of ensuring that we look after the animal welfare, biosecurity, and food safety of this nation.
    • Officials would also have to be satisfied that all necessary biosecurity procedures were in place to prevent any risk of spreading the disease.
    • Successful biosecurity plans manage the risk of disease transmission.
    • She urged farmers to continue disinfecting and other biosecurity procedures.
    • The public expects a biosecurity system that can protect and, when necessary, eradicate incursions.
    • It has some really important powers to protect us better against biosecurity threats.
    • I say at the outset that a biosecurity scare such as foot-and-mouth disease is the most perilous thing that could face this economy.
    • Good biosecurity is essential to stop any disease spreading.
    • Like every other farmer within the biosecurity zone Mr Fairburn is required to place footbaths, disinfectant spray and brushes at the entrance to his farm.
    • In New Zealand, the difficulties are such that, not only are our farmers left out of pocket but our economy and biosecurity could also suffer.
    • Before biosecurity, of course, dairies had quite enough on their collective plate when it came to safety.
    • Individual producers are encouraged to take responsibility for the biosecurity of their livestock enterprises.
    • He stressed the need for biosecurity and disinfection measures to continue to be effectively deployed by all farmers.
    • He said he hopes farmers have learned a lesson in biosecurity and will work harder to keep on top of the disease.
    • We have 196 biosecurity risk containers entering our ports every day.
    • We are putting a biosecurity risk into our ecosystems on a commercial scale.
    • He went on about the inadequate funding of biosecurity.
    • I was hopeful that there would be something for biosecurity.
    • We see biosecurity in this industry as absolutely essential.
    • She understands the significance of biosecurity to this country.