Translation of biosensor in Spanish:


biosensor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbaɪoʊˌsɛnsər/ /ˈbʌɪə(ʊ)sɛnsə/

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    biosensor masculine
    sensor biológico masculine
    • It means funding research into biosensors - devices that detect the presence of toxic substances in the environment - and creating more effective reporting requirements for early identification of disease outbreaks.
    • That means they might attract specific molecules, which would make them useful as biosensors to detect single molecules or cells.
    • Ever-increasing demand for new data inputs, miniaturization, and ample data-processing capacity drive the development of new chemical sensors and biosensors.
    • A biosensor uses biological elements - such as antibodies, proteins or cells - as the basis of a sensor.
    • One area of investigation is biosensors, the biological equivalent of the old practice of sending a canary down into a mine with to spot dangerous levels of methane gas: When the canary dies, it's time for the humans to leave.
    • For instance, they can be used for surface patterning with nanometer accuracy, immobilization of antibodies in biosensors, and drug delivery using vesicles stabilized by hydrophobin.
    • Some century-old chemistry could have a strong impact on important issues in biosensors and other nanotech devices, according to a Purdue University research group.
    • The growing ability of researchers to synthesize nanomaterials opens up the possibility of using synthetic molecules such as biosensors to probe cellular function.
    • Drug-delivery devices and biosensors are certainly forward-looking technologies that will have a future impact.
    • They have been used especially for the study of cell adhesion or protein interactions as well as for the design of biosensors on electrical devices.
    • Such biosensors could detect a heart attack before a person experiences physical symptoms, researchers say.
    • He also agrees with predictions that the technology to make computer chips smaller and self-assemble small numbers of molecules on a surface will soon make diagnostic sensors and biosensors available to doctors.
    • David Cullen told us far more than anyone should ever want to know about biosensors, sorry, molecular sensors - he wanted to make this careful distinction, although it was entirely lost on me.
    • These results demonstrated that immobilized recombinant bacterial sensing cells could be used reproducibly in a biosensor device.
    • Nanoscale biosensors capable of detecting specific DNA sequences and genetic mutations in the lab could lead to new cancer detection methods or aid drug development.
    • Fiber optic biosensors have previously been employed for in situ quantitation of fluorescent chemicals or biochemical end products.
    • A large number of biotechnological devices include surface-bound proteins, e.g., biosensors.
    • This five-room ‘house’ is outfitted with infrared sensors, computers, biosensors, and video cameras for use by research teams to work with research subjects as they test concepts and prototype products.
    • For these reasons, marine mussels have been used as biosensors in environmental monitoring studies for over 30 years.
    • The use of optical biosensors to monitor the nonspecific adsorption of a soluble protein or peptide to a synthetic surface has been reviewed.