Translation of bipolar in Spanish:


bipolar, adj.

Pronunciation /baɪˈpoʊlər/ /bʌɪˈpəʊlə/


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    • 1.1Psychology

      (depression) bipolar
      • Mania is a component of manic depressive or bipolar disease.
      • I'm mentally ill with bipolar manic depression illness.
      • For those of you in the audience with no medical background, frontal lobe syndrome manifests itself in many ways that mimic the manic stage of bipolar disease.
      • An estimated 10-15 percent of adolescents with recurrent major depressive episodes develop bipolar disorder.
      • He was discharged with a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder.
      • The diagnosis was acute bipolar and schizoaffective disorder.
      • There's no evidence to tie these events to a bipolar condition, and I haven't noticed bipolar tendencies in Tom.
      • The boy displayed some symptoms of bipolar disorder.
      • My sister struggled with severe bipolar illness.
      • Despite her experiences, she still wouldn't accept treatment for her bipolar diagnosis.

    • 1.2

      (nerve cell) bipolar
      • These cells appeared mainly as thin and bipolar cells closely related to the hypertrophic nerve trunks.
      • Active movement is largely confined to each end of these elongated bipolar cells, enabling them to exert traction on the underlying substratum and to shuffle in between each other, always along the medio-lateral axis.
      • At goldfish retinal bipolar cells, the calcium requirement for physiological release rates is reported to be >100 M.
      • Isolated retinal bipolar cells from tiger salamanders act like adaptive filters: at resting potential, their response gain and time constant are maximal, and transfer functions are lowpass.
      • Most cells were either oval or spindle shaped, with bipolar cell processes.
      • In past years evanescent wave microscopy was used to study the dynamics of vesicles in endocrine cells and in goldfish bipolar cell terminals.
      • The central processes of bipolar neurons constitute the auditory component of the eighth cranial nerve, which projects centrally to the cochlear nuclei.
      • Occasionally, the dorsal bipolar neuron was duplicated.
      • Some bipolar naked nuclei and rare single intact epithelial cells were seen.
      • The single SPB that is present at the beginning of the cell cycle must duplicate to generate the two poles of the bipolar spindle.

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    (animal/species) que se encuentra en las dos regiones polares
    • When our final Guggenheim on this planet opens in 2015 at the North Pole, we will at last have accomplished our goal of being not only global but bipolar.
    • Recent research on the Antarctic ice core points to the fact that both hemispheres are bound by a 'bipolar seesaw.'
    • The millennial-scale asynchrony of Antarctic and Greenland climate records during the last glacial period implies that the global climate system acts as a bipolar see-saw driven by either high-latitudinal and/or near-equatorial sea-surface perturbations.
    • The bipolar climate asynchrony in our scenarios is caused by the toggle between North Atlantic heat piracy and South Atlantic counter heat piracy.
    • The emerging view of a complex "bipolar climate machinery" urgently calls for a major international research effort to decipher and quantify the interplay of bipolar ice-ocean-atmosphere processes in climate evolution and sea level change during warm and cold climate conditions.