Translation of bird strike in Spanish:

bird strike

choque con aves, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərd ˌstraɪk/


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    choque con aves masculine
    • Since 1972, when AEDC's Bird Impact Range began operating, a representative transparency from nearly every type of U.S. military aircraft has been bird-strike tested.
    • Councillor Carty said it was too simplistic for sceptics to suggest that moving the dump a kilometre or two would eliminate the possibility of bird-strike on an aircraft.
    • For what material do aircraft manufacturers turn to in order to test the resilience of their designs against the very real threat of bird-strikes and collisions with fast-moving debris?
    • The range got its nickname because, in normal use, technicians fire chicken carcasses at a test target at varying speeds to simulate a direct bird-strike during flight.
    • A faction of radical birders initially opposed the project with horror stories of a holocaust of ‘bird-strikes.’
    • The standards include 16g-seat certification, bird-strike testing to the latest amendments, flight-manual presentations for takeoff and landing performance, and the most stringent of icing testing.
    • The canopy and windscreen are bird-strike resistant at speeds up to 270 knots.
    • The previous system did offer an on-line form to use as a starting point for a bird-strike report, but after you filled it out, you had to submit it via message as a text file.
    • With the bird-strike inspection complete and the fuel cap reset, we again set out to complete our mission.
    • Based on bird-strike data, efforts are underway to improve aircraft so that they can withstand a greater impact.
    • Through the Natural Resources Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, a process has been established with the Smithsonian Institution to identify bird-strike remains.
    • The danger of bird-strike has been dismissed by developers as ‘problematic but not insurmountable.’