Translation of birdhouse in Spanish:


pajarera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərdˌhaʊs/ /ˈbəːdhaʊs/


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    pajarera feminine
    • I also enjoyed making a bird house to take home.
    • It was in 1989 that Amal Safwat, the only woman bird trainer in the Middle East, decided to set up a bird house.
    • The project is part of a five-to-ten-year development plan which includes opening a bird house and sensory garden.
    • She's watching over some baby birds until the mother gets back; she's cleaning out her tree house and repairing a bird house.
    • For added protection for the birds from snakes and other climbing predators, place a snake guard on the post just underneath the bird house.
    • An empty bird house, like a faded ballroom, can be ornate - and an invitation to melancholic reflection.
    • Entering the garden on the west is a tennis court, a charming gazebo with a Japanese bird house on its roof, and an indigenous rock garden.
    • You can do far more for native bird species with proper bird house management than by telling a wildlife rehabilitation facility what they can and cannot treat.
    • If you have always wanted to start a collection or already have the beginnings of one, spread the word that you hope to have the world's best collection of tea cups, humour videos or bird houses by the time you finish your treatments.
    • Now, on the advice of Birdwatch Ireland, free homes have been put in for the little critters, with some 40 bird houses being built in the park's trees.
    • Some of the light fittings appear to be tiny little bird houses.
    • It was fun networking and meeting face to face the people who make various feeders and bird houses.
    • Put a little hole in the gourd and they can also be used for bird houses and when the seeds are inside, they made splendid children's rattles.
    • Wini Noyes says she and her husband started making the little houses more than 20 years ago when she was working part time at a local greenhouse; Pete offered to make some planters and bird houses for the small sales area there.
    • For the last 30 years of his life, he placed a number of bird houses in his garden and established a colony of European Starlings to study their sociobiology, especially polygyny.
    • Inviting a local school to participate in creating naturalized areas, putting up some bird houses and mapping your golf course are the additional requirements.
    • Other desirable birds utilize bird houses, especially these days when so many old trees with alluring cavities have been demolished.
    • A member of the maintenance staff built about 25 of the bird houses.
    • He currently supplies bat, owl, and bird houses to Mill Stores, a New England chain of furniture stores.
    • The fifth-graders construct and paint wooden bird houses that they make from kits.