Translation of birding in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbərdɪŋ/ /ˈbəːdɪŋ/


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    • My four day trip to some other bases was very productive for birding and other nature observations.
    • Somewhere along the line, the notion of birding as a hobby flew the coop.
    • I think fun birding tech products are going to help mainstream birding and more people into the fold.
    • I even added two new birds to my year list, not a bad day birding at all.
    • Finally, we saw a multitude of Sanderlings, a bird we haven't seen since we started birding.
    • One of the inviolable truths of birding is that you cannot force the bird.
    • She told me it had been an important book because, for her, birding had been no idle hobby.
    • I'm trying to track down some British Soldiers who have been birding in Iraq.
    • This morning I met our Battalion surgeon for a little early morning birding.
    • My uncle Larry is a birder and the way he writes about birding makes me think it is something I will eventually do as well.
    • Iowa birding is good; there are quite a few pelicans here and some good ducks.
    • You would have researched the history of birding and photographs in that field.
    • Bill and I have done a lot of birding with Jeff, and he amazes us anew every time we're together.
    • In the isolated beauty of the Antarctic north, you will observe some of the best birding in the world.
    • My father went birding or worked in the vegetable garden when he wanted to think.
    • The main aspect of January birding is the cold weather movements that occur with birds moving from the near continent and in to south and eastern Britain.
    • He enjoyed birding and attending cricket matches with childhood friends.
    • I can be patient only so long, and I guess I save that patience for my family, my students and my birding!
    • This was my first time making a trip solely for the purpose of birding.
    • It seems odd that birding, wine and 30-somethings get separate listings while us garden bloggers don't.