Translation of Biro in Spanish:


bolígrafo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbʌɪrəʊ/

nounplural biros

  • 1

    bolígrafo masculine
    pluma atómica feminine Mexico
    birome feminine River Plate
    esfero masculine Colombia
    lápiz de pasta masculine Chile
    boli masculine Spain informal
    • Also of help would be pens, biros, building gloves, any laptops and in particular, crutches.
    • Mark distributed the score sheets and biros as the contest opened and we did our usual communal marking to decide who we'd be voting for at the end.
    • You can never have too many biros, rubbers and trademarked carrier bags.
    • She also took a biro and notebook as her ‘luxuries’.
    • Good theft is what Robin Hood did, I say now it's walking home from work with a biro, or using an office telephone to call your mother to ask how she's feeling.