Translation of birth certificate in Spanish:

birth certificate

partida de nacimiento, n.


  • 1

    partida de nacimiento feminine
    certificado de nacimiento masculine
    (with masculine article in the singular) acta de nacimiento feminine Mexico
    • The second was the issue of the birth certificate and whether or not that would be altered to reflect the plaintiff's name.
    • I know to get a passport you need to use your national identity card and a birth certificate.
    • At first, she was told she could not see her husband because her birth certificate and marriage certificate were in English.
    • As a matter of fact, the name printed in my birth certificate was Susan and not Sue.
    • Even if the father's name is on the birth certificate, he has no automatic right to be a guardian to his child.
    • The birth certificate issued by municipal offices in Punjab has a distinct compulsory column for caste.
    • One particular father said he had arranged with the mother of the child that he would not be named on the birth certificate.
    • Short films after each programme give practical tips, from how to access war records to what a birth certificate can reveal.
    • Having a birth certificate in her name is a basic legal right, adds Lydia.
    • I am examining whether I can change the name on my birth certificate to Bruce.
    • The new birth certificate issued in Moscow was even less of a problem and only took two days to secure.
    • His mother told him almost nothing when he confronted her with the birth certificate and his true identity.
    • The claimant's birth certificate and school leaving certificates still need to be verified by the Indian authorities.
    • I am returning a signed copy of the letter, together with my birth certificate and two front door keys which were in my aunt's purse.
    • It is the false birth certificate that the applicant produces that is really looked at.
    • If a new child is born, parents must submit a birth certificate to receive infant formula.
    • But he has turned down the permit and continues his battle to secure a birth certificate and passport.
    • They didn't want money or photos, but they did need a certified copy of my birth certificate.
    • I think I can just tell them that we don't have his birth certificate and it'll be fine.
    • A birth certificate and two passport photographs are required when joining.