Translation of birthright in Spanish:


derecho de nacimiento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərθˌraɪt/ /ˈbəːθrʌɪt/


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    derecho de nacimiento masculine
    (of eldest child) primogenitura feminine
    freedom is our birthright nuestra libertad es un derecho inalienable
    • Being the good brother he is, Jacob offers Esau some lentil soup - on one condition: Esau has to forgo his birthright and inheritance as eldest son.
    • The birthright is the prerogative of the eldest son.
    • For the one got possession of the birthright, and the other transferred the wealth of the Egyptians to the host of the Israelites.
    • Economically, it can enhance women's security, by giving them birthrights in property that cannot be willed away by men.
    • Rather, in this character test, Esau has denigrated the birthright and has proven himself unworthy of its privileges and obligations.
    • Kerry County Council has received a warning from the top that the sale of holiday homes in the county is akin to selling family birthrights.
    • I'd say he worries too much about muddied bloodlines and sullied birthrights - purity is the most overrated virtue and one he really need not envy.
    • Notwithstanding the lack of paternal approval, Freeda George Foreman appears to have every chance of cashing in on her birthright because apart from Ali and Frazier, there are a host of other familiar names floating around female boxing.
    • They just want you to have what's rightfully yours: your birthright, your homeland, free from those whose ‘biological, genetic and evolutionary ancestry’ is inferior to yours.
    • You know, you learn how to do justice by looking at examples of injustice - Cain killing his brother Abel, Jacob cheating his father and his brother about his birthright and then being cheated.
    • Mary Tudor acted swiftly to reclaim her birthright; her counter coup was decisive.
    • Or will they instead, like so many lambs led willingly to the slaughter, allow themselves to be demutualised - like Esau in the Bible surrender their birthright for a mess of pottage?
    • But while his passage back to Asia sounds ‘natural’, considering his birthright, Pascal's career choice was not so clear cut.
    • He reminds the king that he reversed the natural order of birthright when he gave his daughters the crown.
    • Example: the rise of the bourgeoisie over the aristocracy comes through a redefinition of material influence from connections and birthrights to pure wealth and educational knowhow.
    • The book is divided into sections and he deals with the various geographic regions, the monarchy, Buddhism, the life of the people and how it encompasses birthright, education, food, fun, death and doctors.
    • The Middle Kingdom was established on the principle that those who are of lower rank and wish to better themselves can do so by means of great deeds and accomplishments rather than by birthright.
    • Titled Esau studies, the group chose that name explicitly to reflect the younger brother's undercutting of the older brother's birthright.
    • Given his feats, birthright, and fortunes, he concludes that he does, in fact, deserve Portia.
    • For example, Talmudic law distinguishes individuals by both birthright and ritual purity.