Translation of birthstone in Spanish:


piedra natal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbərθˌstoʊn/ /ˈbəːθstəʊn/


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    piedra natal feminine
    • Gems and birthstones are becoming more popular, as are styles such as solitaire diamonds, cluster rings and diamond set rings with small stones or gems set on either side.
    • Anyway, some people go by month when determining birthstones, others go by the zodiac.
    • Which is the birthstone for the month of September?
    • The range of display includes necklaces, bangles, pendants, coins, designer jewellery, birthstones and exquisite designer jewellery pieces.
    • There's also a matching pair of earrings and a ring with my birthstone, the blue topaz, in the middle and a diamond on either side of it.
    • In the center were small and tasteful stones representing each of their birthstones: emerald for him and sapphire for her.
    • Her birthstone was ruby and her eyes were brown.
    • Combined with birthstones and semi-precious gems, the necklaces also make stylish, yet affordable gifts for friends and acquaintances.
    • The attractive strings of pearls from Hyderabad, birthstones and a wide array of semi-precious stones from exotic places add to the finery.
    • My cousin Liz commented on it last week - it's amethyst, our shared birthstone.
    • Different months of the year have corresponding flowers, much like birthstones.
    • She would happily model the latest piece of jewelry he'd bought her, ranging from bright, gorgeous earrings to delicate, sparkling rings, dotted with her birthstone.
    • Inside lay a silver necklace with my birthstone in it.
    • One way to do this is put a diamond in the center with the birthstones of the couple on either side.
    • For example, the months of January and February on the calendar display an appealing emerald piece, along with facts on the birthstone.
    • Some products on display would be necklaces, bangles, full and half-sets, pendants, coins, precious and semi-precious stones besides of course, birthstones of exquisite designs.
    • Personalize the gift with a special saying, your children's names, birthstones, gold, silver, a special charm, etc.
    • Once again I had forgotten about the necklace Jeremy had given me, the one that had our birthstones on it, the one that had helped bring us back together in Mexico.
    • There has been some indication of support for birthstones in terms of their marketability as collector items.
    • He bought her a silver necklace that says mom and each letter is comprised of a different birthstone, his; hers; and the baby's due date.