Translation of bit part in Spanish:

bit part

papel secundario, n.


  • 1

    papel secundario masculine
    • One of his first Hollywood roles was a bit part in Deep Impact.
    • Also, blink and you'll miss Michael Caine in an uncredited bit part.
    • Characters with a bit part in one film become central characters in another and peripheral scenes in one film take on a whole new resonance in the next.
    • Although the film was set in Yorkshire much of the filming was done in Rochdale and Mr and Mrs Woodcock's own son, Edward, has a bit part in the film.
    • He made his film debut 10 years later with a bit part in the 1959 film The Savage Innocents.
    • He also appeared at Harrogate Theatre as Edmund Kean and played a bit part in Coronation Street before stardom.
    • Why did Lawrence Fishburne take a bit part in this?
    • Later on in 1991 I had a bit part with Cliff in ‘Lethal Impact’, wherein Cliff takes off my head.
    • He was down to a bit part when the picture came out.
    • I had been hired for a bit part and he was so nice to me and so kind.
    • Being the lead does not interest me, but I'll stunt double her and play a bit part.
    • Well, he had a bit part in the Shakespeare play ‘A Midsummer Night's Dream.’
    • When Burton wanted Heston for a bit part, Zanuck booked a table at the very same Beverly Hills cafe and, some 30 years later, made the same begging plea.
    • Never again will I accept a bit part as a laundry owner in a student film.
    • It is a bit part, but he is the only person in the film who projects the real Kennedy glamour.
    • The day after being sacked, he left for London to begin his acting career, starting with a bit part in Coriolanus.
    • Had he been alive, I might have tried to get him a bit part in the remake of Lassie Come Home, which is to be filmed in Ireland.
    • They liked me, though, and they wrote in a bit part for me, but that got cut for Hollywood reasons, time constraints or whatever.
    • During high school, he got a bit part as ‘The Noodle’ on WWWM - 105, now Magic 105 in Cleveland.
    • But almost everyone was too concerned with skyrocketing to fame with their indie band or landing a bit part in some MTV movie to be bothered by academics.