Translation of bite in Spanish:


morder, v.

Pronunciation /baɪt/ /bʌɪt/

transitive verb bit, bitten

  • 1

    (person/dog) morder
    (flea/bug) picar
    she/I won't bite you! ¡no te va/voy a morder! humorous
    • the dog bit his finger off el perro le arrancó el dedo de un mordisco / de un tarascón / de una tarascada
    • what's biting you? ¿qué mosca te ha picado?
    • One officer suffered minor injuries after being bitten on the hand.
    • It is very important to check you are up to date with your tetanus jabs if your skin is broken in an injury or you are bitten.
    • William sustained serious head and body injuries and Chang was bitten on his arms.
    • People like him have never been rammed by a stolen vehicle, never been bitten and scratched by an injecting heroin addict, never had to confront a man armed with a gun or knife.
    • He repeated the advice that the only members of the general public who might be at risk from the infection are those who handle bats or who have been bitten or scratched by them.
    • My first horse was a little pinto pony named King, and he did from everything from chase us around and bite us to carry us down the road on his back in carts.
    • Patients with cat scratch disease are likely to own a cat aged 12 months or younger, to have been scratched or bitten by a kitten, and to have at least one kitten infested with fleas.
    • Quite simply, there will be a history of having been bitten or scratched by the family moggy, and the inoculation site will drain into the affected lymph glands.
    • She told me that, without any warning, the cat had jumped on her, scratched her, and bitten her in the right arm.
    • She had a history of contact with both dogs and cats; however, she did not recall being bitten or scratched.
    • Cat-scratch disease is an infection that occurs after your child was scratched or bitten by a cat.
    • Data from the East Kalimantan health office shows there were at least 11 cases of residents bitten by dogs recorded between July and August.
    • The bloke driving said he remembers somebody there biting a man on the arm resulting in getting his teeth knocked out to prevent it happening again.
    • Then the bear bit his leg, sinking a tooth all the way to the femur bone.
    • A desperate dad who had a fox shot after it allegedly bit his baby is pleading with an animal rights activist to leave his family alone.
    • The idea was shelved when the foxes kept biting their handlers and eventually chewed through their enclosures and escaped.
    • He learns that there are times when it is right to bite a man.
    • In a string of three separate incidents in July, four Scouts and two adult campers were scratched and bitten at New Mexico's Philmont Scout Ranch by black bears starving due to drought.
    • A local hunter put the dog down but it was thought to have bitten at least 12 children and adults.
    • A puppy, illegally imported from Morocco last month, is reported to have bitten at least nine people in the Gironde, Dordogne and Garonne regions of France before it died.
    • All over the world, people come in with wounds and think they've been bitten by a spider.
    • She tried to weed the garden but got bitten by a spider.
    • I got bitten by another spider last night while I was asleep.
    • The pedigree puppy, which cost $800, is believed to have been bitten by a spider, and has a rash around her neck.
    • My friends at the BBC report that a man was taken to hospital after being bitten by a spider going about its business in the banana section at Sainsbury's.
    • He had been bitten by a spider in Brazil, which probably lowered his immunity, and further tests showed that he was HIV positive.
    • If I emerge from the next week or so without being bitten by any spiders lurking in my mess, I'll start posting more frequently again.
    • It has led, among other things, to his being bitten by a snake and several times by scorpions.
    • People who have been bitten by a snake are afraid of garden hoses at first glance.
    • He was a great student, especially after he had his leg amputated from being bitten by a snake in Africa on holiday.
    • Once bitten by a snake you feel suspicious even when you see a piece of rope.
    • They learned about the various types of snake, what snakes were sacred to which gods, and how to treat people who were bitten by snakes.
    • When you've been bitten by a snake, you're leery of a lizard.
    • Both apparently got bitten by snakes while fleeing through the sand dunes at Pearly Beach last month, and died.
    • The most important role played by the snake charmers is in treating people who have been bitten by snakes.
    • The sun is more dangerous too so inevitably some people got sunburned or got sunstroke; others were bitten by strange insects - there were lots of bugs!
    • The female mosquitoes become the bloodsuckers, and they use their long proboscis to bite other animals and feed on their blood.
    • We gave no thought to snakes although any one of us could have been bitten at least a dozen times as we sauntered through the bramble.
    • The Krait bite is much less obvious and it is very difficult for people to know that they have been bitten at all.
    • During the chase Dirawong was bitten on the head by the snake who, when Dirawong had stopped to eat herbs, coiled itself around in the river and formed Snake Island.
    • A British woman whose arm was bitten off by a lion when she reached through the bars of an enclosure at an animal sanctuary in Spain was last night recovering from emergency surgery.
    • You can see from another photo the tail missing from one of the seatrout, due to it being bitten off by a seal or a small whale.
    • As she lay unconscious, part of her nose, her mouth and chin were bitten off by her Labrador-cross dog, Tania.
    • Well, they're not crunchy sort of teeth, they're not the sort of teeth for biting some animal with great big bones, so we suspect that they are mostly fish feeders.
    • He seemed to eat the liquid as though it were meat, biting it and chewing, then swallowing.
    • He also specifies the height at which the seven photographs of a baby biting its toes in his Croque Mort single installation must be hung.
    • You lose a couple of teeth trying to bite it open and then you are forced to admit your food will just have to remain unspiced.
    • She blushed after realizing how foolish she must look and chewed what she had before biting another piece.
    • Never put rocks in the feed trough to slow down a greedy eater as this could cause a fracture tooth if the horse bites a rock.
    • Two months later, one of Rachel's new front teeth ‘sheared off’ as she was biting a slice of bread.
    • She looked at him, biting a piece of the pop tart off.
    • Raine glanced up, biting another piece of his French toast.
    • Absently biting my pen, I silently read over what I'd just written.
    • I'm sitting here in social studies biting my pencil like a hamster.
    • Tope are mainly fish eaters, hunting small whiting, cod, mackerel and flatfish which they chase down and disable by biting chunks out of the fish.
    • Consumers can't wait to bite into them because the little extra cooking required to finish them off makes for a better-tasting bagel.
    • My hope is that a consumer, when they bite into them, will combine their personal memory with that peach.
    • If sharks bite to figure out the nature of various objects, then why do they usually spit out people rather than adding them to the menu?
    • Paul and his father had been very close for years until that day at the beach when a shark had bitten off Paul's leg.
    • The next time your all set to bite into a succulent Fish, think Yana Gupta.
  • 2

    • 2.1(grip)

      (tires/brakes) agarrar
      • The technique to going quick in one of these jiggers is to leave the braking as late as possible, and enter the corner under brakes, so that the front tyres are biting.
      • Our tools bit like the teeth of shark, as net after net was left shredded at our feet.
      • He had an old, discoloured ball, just the sort that's ready to grip and bite, in his hand.
      • With a gasp, Guiromélans lands on the blades, feeling their edges bite into the soles of his boots.
      • Studded tyres, usually needed to bite through the ice and snow, were never used.
      • The chewed-up area of the frame at this point will not provide a good surface for the new strike plate screws to bite into.
      • Then like a conventional skewer you spin the small end till she starts to bite, nip the lever down and you've got a solid under carriage, no tools!
      • First he got the saw to bite into it one way and then another so he could make a sort of divot.
      • Start slow with this drill - you want to feel the edge biting into the snow and you want to feel controlled.
      • The truck shuddered as the rear wheels spun wildly on the asphalt, then leapt forwards as the tires bit into the road.
      • We practise sliding downhill with skis at 90 degrees to the fall line, edges biting deep.
      • Once in the shelter of the bay, the skipping engine bites deeper into the calmer waters, and the ship picks up speed.

    • 2.2

      (saw/screw/file) agarrar en
      (saw/screw/file) calar en

intransitive verb bit, bitten

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (person/dog) morder
      (mosquito) picar
      (wind/frost) cortar
      (acid) corroer
      to bite into sth darle un mordisco a algo
      hincarle el diente a algo

      • the wire bit into his wrists
      to bite on sth morder algo

    • 1.2(take bait)

      (fish) picar
      • We were fishing, and all of the fish were biting on one side of the boat.
      • Organiser Ray Collins is hoping the amazing run of fine weather doesn't come to an end - even if a spot of rain would get the fish biting.
      • When the fish aren't biting, I want to listen to her tell me what makes her happy and what makes her cry.
      • He'll get away from it briefly when it's goose season in his native Nebraska or when the fish are biting somewhere.
      • Bowing towards the water, I indicated that the horses might like to drink and that the fish were not biting anyway.
      • But if I had to, I would go fishing even if the fish weren't biting.
      • Being evening, the fish were biting beautifully, and he caught three decent-sized trout in only about half of an hour.
      • Which is why spots where the fish are biting still get crowded.
      • Frank told everyone at dinner that he will try to put people ashore at 8 in the morning, unless the fish are biting.
      • His ultimate goal is to get as many fish biting on his line as he can.
      • Interestingly, fish were biting and many were caught in river and sea.
      • It was difficult but at the same time it was like being a fisherman who goes out and the fish are biting and you have the thrill and excitement that keeps you going.
      • So now here I am, with no fish biting, a rain storm on its way, and my foot hurts.
      • They will attack the bait and confuse you into thinking that a ‘proper’ fish is biting.
      • I recommend you have a day visiting this world famous Space Centre even if the fish are biting madly.
      • Even the other fish were not biting so well, and I had put down my rod for a moment to talk to Belinda and to have a cold beer.
      • It was late in the afternoon and the water in the pool was warm and the fish were biting well.
      • Now is the time to launch the real bait over the side of the boat and see how the fish are biting.
      • There was no need for a quiver tip as the fish would often bite so violently that there was a danger of the rod being pulled in at times.
      • Although the first thought is generally to catch the bass biting at the very onset of spring or the blues running in autumn.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (tires/brakes) agarrarse

    • 2.2

      (saw/screw/file) agarrar
      (saw/screw/file) calar
      to bite into sth agarrar / calar en algo

  • 3

    (law/recession) hacerse sentir
    the cutbacks are beginning to bite los recortes están empezando a hacerse sentir


  • 1

    (act) mordisco masculine
    (fierce) tarascón masculine
    (fierce) tarascada feminine
    to give sth a bite darle / pegarle un mordisco a algo
    • take a bite of this prueba esto
    • she's already had one bite at the job and failed ya lo ha intentado una vez y ha fracasado
    • I held one out in my hand and the donkey ate it in big bites.
    • He runs his hand through his hair before eating his piece in two bites.
    • He eats the piece voraciously in several huge bites dropping the remainder.
    • She pulled the meat into pieces with her fingers and ate it in little bites.
    • But the pizza came so I only got bits and pieces of the story in between bites.
    • A few well aimed bites and the bag is shredded, the catnip is everywhere, and you have a wonderful mess to sweep up.
    • Gujarati gourmet cuisine is not something I've ever tried before, but after the first bite of the fine food at Swad's restaurant I was hooked.
    • He eats his food in small bites, but with manic speed.
    • Hungry, tired, was all Rei could say in between bites of food.
    • She chattered between bites of food about the most random things.
    • The two of them ate in silence for a minute or two, and Nora was quite aware of the gazes he was casually shooting over at her in between bites of food.
    • After two bites of her fish, Marsha commented that it had a strange taste.
    • Another bite reveals the earthy flavours of the Swiss Chard leaves, followed by a piece of crunchy apple.
    • And again, after three bites (which effectively finishes the burrito), I tasted no extra onions.
    • After two bites of anything, one is eating out of rote, obligation, or need for fuel.
    • I left the cobbler alone after three bites and ate a handful of hush puppies for dessert.
    • It looks good from the outside, but a firm bite reveals a cold and gooey center.
  • 2

    (from insect) picadura feminine
    (from dog, snake) mordedura feminine
    • Deep puncture wounds from animal bites become morbid if not promptly tended and closely followed.
    • Not only can rats inflict a nasty bite, they are associated with disease.
    • If the wound was caused by an animal bite, you should report it to the county public health department.
    • The disease is spread by the bites of infected animals.
    • Rabies is an invariably fatal viral disease caused by the bite of an infected animal, usually a dog.
    • While many bites occur when an animal is unleashed and away from home, the most common scenario for an attack features a dog running loose on its own property.
    • Any animal bites - even those that don't involve rabies - can lead to infections and other medical problems.
    • Domestic pets are the source of most non-insect animal bites.
    • Almost one half of all dog bites involve an animal owned by the victim's family or neighbors.
    • Any bite from an animal, particularly dog, cat, monkey or bat, should be treated as a possible rabies risk.
    • Infections may result from animal or human bites to the hand, but steps can be taken to minimize the chance of that occurring.
    • Human beings, on the other hand, have the foulest mouths in the animal kingdom and their bites are always septic.
    • Animal and human bites can be treated most effectively with amoxicillin-clavulanate.
    • If an animal bites or is vicious it is put to sleep so why let any convicted murderer roam our streets?
    • The keepers are warning people not to play with the animal if they see it, as it has sharp canine teeth that can inflict serious bites.
    • Wash any animal bites or scratches with soap and water and see a doctor if the wound seems serious.
    • They have short, sharp teeth but their bite can barely puncture human skin.
    • Only a fifth of recent cases had a story of an animal bite and in some of these the infection occurred abroad.
    • The gator pulled her under water and inflicted severe bites on her arms, legs and midsection.
    • Snappers strike viciously when lifted from water or teased and can inflict a serious bite.
    • Check your children for ticks, insect bites and allergic reactions.
    • All were covered with insect bites, were underfed, and three had malaria.
    • I woke up to discover I am covered with mosquito bites from head to toe, from sleeping with at D's house with the windows open.
    • Some people were covered in mosquito bites from sheltering in the trees overnight.
    • The swamps are infested with poisonous snakes and fearsome insects with bites so strong they will either kill a man or drive him mad.
    • An insect bite isn't an unreasonable wound to suffer, after the rough three weeks they've all gone through.
    • She said the temperatures were above 100F, the soldiers were covered in mosquito bites and had no electricity or clean water.
    • Both victims' symptoms point to some sort of venomous reaction, possibly from a snake or spider bite.
    • Just as important as malaria prophylaxis is avoiding mosquito bites with insect repellents, impregnated mosquito nets, and suitable clothing.
    • The child, half naked, was covered n mosquito bites.
    • Aardvarks are covered with thick pinkish-grey skin that protects them from insect bites and may even save them from predators.
    • A team of Italian doctors has recently developed a new treatment for leishmaniasis, a skin disease contracted through insect bites.
    • In the field they carry a medical kit which includes morphine, antibiotics, diarrhoea pills, field dressings and antihistamines for insect bites or allergies.
    • I find that every time I have an insect bite, the itch turns into a lump and the lump stays although I can't causally link the lumps with only insect bites.
    • Summer means hay fever, insect bites and sunburn.
    • By this time he was suffering from insect bites - the prison was infested with them - that were turning septic.
    • Individual sores or insect bites can be dabbed directly with lavender oil.
    • When we visited this centre I pointed out the possibility of dry bites by venomous snakes.
    • The street here is quiet, but our kid is especially sensitive to insect bites.
    • They use their ability to produce venom to defend them against predators and with their large fangs they are able to deliver a nasty bite.
  • 3

    (in fishing)
    he didn't get a single bite no le picó ningún pez
  • 4informal

    bocado masculine
    to have a bite (to eat) comer un bocado
    • When we were flying about all over the place we would always try to catch up for an hour in the day to grab a bite to eat or have a quick pint before going on to our next appointments.
    • Unlike last year, there won't be a bar so bring a packed lunch for a bite to eat and drink.
    • With only a couple hours in-between events you barely have enough time to grab a bite to eat and a quick shower before it is time to chamois-up again and hit the road.
    • I head over to the snack table hoping for a bite to eat as I see none other then Aiden there.
    • Since it was lunch time, my parents decided to grab a bite to eat at a well-known Mexican place called El Cholo.
    • The dinner break was our chance to escape the confines of the club for a while, so we grabbed a bite to eat at Burrito Max on Kenmore Square.
    • Tara's nose tuned into smell of breakfast and decided to go downstairs to get a bite to eat.
    • Soak in the sunlight for a bit in Rembrandt Square and then go have a bite to eat.
    • Afterwards, we had a bite to eat at a place in Uptown.
    • A mighty night for all concerned with all present having a bite to eat and then dancing the night away into the early hours!
    • I'm going to get me a bite to eat and get back to work.
    • At this point, I have 30 minutes to go ahead and grab a bite to eat, go do some work for some other class, or, my favorite, sit down and relax.
    • We stopped to stretch our legs and get a bite to eat.
    • Off to my favourite restaurant now for a bite to eat.
    • Speaking of prams, if you would like a bite to eat after one of these events, do not even bother trying to get into a new restaurant on O'Connell Street.
    • We're in a pub, drinking, and having a bite to eat.
    • At 2,635 what better place to rest awhile and enjoy a bite to eat.
    • Here in the tea stalls of Islamabad, crowds gather at lunchtime for a bite to eat.
    • Choosing from the selection of light bites and bigger offerings proved difficult.
    • This Champps, however, bears no affiliation to a greasy spoon and instead is an upscale place to watch the game, grab a bite and win big prizes.
  • 5

    • 5.1(of flavor)

      lo fuerte
      • The prawns were top quality with a real bite and flavour that carried through the spicy sauce.
      • The Spaniard insists on only being occasionally surprised by a piquant bite of hot pepper.
      • Sherry vinegar brightens salad dressings with a sharp bite of purple grapes.
      • It's got pointy leaves, a papery texture, and tastes like mint infused with a good bite of white pepper, along with lemon and cilantro.
      • It has a crisp taste, a small bite, a mellow finish, and it plays well with others, i.e. the incomparable Yucatan beer Leon.
      • The duck was delicious, the tasty aubergine pickle had an interesting bite of heat and the jus was also very good, though the peanut mash was not very peanutty.
      • The vegetables in both our dishes, which included big pieces of pepper, onion and mini sweetcorn, were cooked just right so they kept some bite and their own flavours.
      • The gentler side of onions comes out in the cooking - but even when their pungency has been tamed, they retain a little bite to remind you of their wild past.
      • It's consistency and taste changed with the month, but the spicy bite and numbing effects were the same.
      • The heat takes the bite out of the onion while still providing loads of flavour.
      • Shivers go down your spine and you shake your head at the refreshing but zesty and sharp bite of the limejuice - oooph!
      • You need some bite to distinguish the flavours, which is exactly what was delivered here.
      • Red cabbage and lentils offered just the right contrast of flavours and bite, but the red wine jus was a little too rich.
      • It was a dark, deep chocolate truffle with a very distinct bite of fresh black pepper.
      • This Australian bottling offers a hint of sweetness that's backed up with a little lemony bite and lots of fruit flavor.
      • The gin is assertive, woody, a pungent mouthful, with the bite of alcohol and aromatics.
      • Generally, use a quarter of your normal amount of pepper, as microwaves really bring out its bite.
      • It felt like heaven in his mouth and he closed his eyes momentarily, lost in the bliss of mozzarella cheese and the spicy bite of Italian sausage.
      • Now that the molecular structure of these receptors is known, scientists may be able to use this knowledge to take the bite out of bitter.
      • A slightly oxidised finish adds bite to the rich palate.

    • 5.2(of wind, frost)

      lo cortante
      lo penetrante
      • Out of the sun, though, there was still a cold bite to the air.
      • Inside the park, suddenly feeling the bite of a chill wind under a slate-grey sky, the marchers stood and listened to speakers whose delivery seldom lived up to the occasion.
      • The sun is out, there's a cold bite to the air, it's fresh and, at last, the best season of the year has arrived.
      • The weak sunlight did nothing to diminish the cold bite of the air.
      • Each dram took the bite out of the cold air and as light faded from the highlands around us, the browns and greens fading to deeper grays, we told stories of the departed that turned the air blue.
      • I could imagine the cold bite of the night air on my tongue and the how the snow would crunch as I walked.
      • I had wrapped a thick quilt around myself, protecting my skin from the bite of the cold sea air.
      • A light drizzle permeated the foliage, and the bite of the wind pierced Clyde's windbreaker.
      • A lovely, sunny day, though there was a bite in the wind that warranted great care in the region of the kidneys.
      • The only recluse for them is to light bonfires to fend off the bite of cold and urban people are preferring to stay indoors.
      • No great penalty because the weather has turned somewhat grey and dour, with a bite in the wind that's guaranteed to find its way through all but the stoutest of outdoor clothing.
      • Shuffling to her classroom, she was quickly joined by her best friend Sara, who was also over bundled to help dull the harsh bite of the December wind.
      • It may as well have been thirty for all the headway they were making, stumbling blindly into the stinging bite of the wind.
      • Unsurprising, thought Caspian, as the bite of the wind on his face made him breathe in sharply.
      • The afternoon sun took some of the bite out of the cold, but most of the other girls were still wearing sweats.
      • Even through the crude padded jacket and leggings I'd made from the sacking I felt the bite of the wind.
      • The wind was picking up, and there was a small bite in the air, especially after the warmth of the library.
      • There was a slight bite to the wind when she stepped out of the building and she could not wait for spring.
      • The wind now has a bite that it did not have just a few days ago.
      • It is now autumn, blue & gold, with combine harvesters roaring in the fields and a crisp, cold bite in the air all of a sudden.

    • 5.3(sharpness)

      mordacidad feminine
      the play lacks bite la obra carece de mordacidad