Translation of bivalent in Spanish:


bivalente, adj.

Pronunciation /baɪˈveɪlənt/ /bʌɪˈveɪl(ə)nt/


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    • If chromosomes 1 and 2 are genetically more identical, as are chromosomes 3 and 4, there are three different combinations for the bivalent chromosome pairing.
    • Note that the bivalent sex chromosome remaining in the vicinity of the equator appears to be oriented to the poles.
    • Because only homologous chromosomes pair, allopolyploids strictly exhibit bivalent formation (two chromosomes pair) at meiosis and undergo disomic inheritance for each locus.
    • A bivalent B chromosome was removed directly from a pachytene slide by a micromanipulator.
    • Slides containing F 2 worms were screened for the presence of worms with diakinesis nuclei exhibiting more than six chromatin masses (indicating failure in bivalent formation).