Translation of bizarre in Spanish:


extraño, adj.

Pronunciation /bəˈzɑr/ /bɪˈzɑː/

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    (story/coincidence/humor) extraño
    (story/coincidence/humor) singular
    (appearance/behavior) estrambótico
    (appearance/behavior) estrafalario
    • This is a bizarre situation, especially in comparison with the rules of the sea.
    • Being pictured as he was might be a bizarre situation but it's par for the course.
    • Yet it is the bizarre, unexpected moments in life that are the ones we remember.
    • His universe was a bizarre and surreal place but his writing also hinted at serious themes.
    • You might well be puzzled by this bizarre attempt to create a difference where none exists.
    • If the situation appears bizarre at times, it is as if the whole world has gone mad.
    • His decision to tackle a bizarre range of characters is unusual for someone of his stature.
    • For a play involving such grotesque and bizarre subject matter, it sure got a lot of laughs!
    • The bizarre exhibition includes a display of British padlocks and some prison menus.
    • It was a bizarre build up to the goal as again the weather heavily influenced the play.
    • They were each asked to submit the most bizarre reasons why people wanted to hand over animals to them.
    • In the midst of this confessional, parts of his explanation became quite bizarre.
    • It's the fact that he is so bizarre that allows many to conclude that he really isn't doing anything.
    • Oh yeah, one of those bizarre little coincidence things happened to me yesterday.
    • It is quite bizarre that we have failed to give the same attention to the food sector.
    • An already enthralling case took a bizarre turn when Anderson entered the witness box.
    • Shocked by what she heard, she returned home and told her husband of the bizarre encounter.
    • No doubt we will hear more about this story in the days to come because it is so very bizarre.
    • A few miles to the east, up a steep valley, are a collection of bizarre rock formations.
    • It's truly bizarre how different people think about similar things at the same time.